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RYKKA, who represented Switzerland at the 2016 Eurovision song contest with The last of our kind, released a new song and  video over a month ago but it sort of escaped out attention. Today we got reminded of the song again. We do like to give attention to ex-Eurovision artists and not create the impression that we just ignore some artists. Being a South African based facebook, we do not always are on the forefront of new releases. Continue reading YOU GOT ME – RYKKA

ZOË & Leonardo Davi release new version of ‘Loin d’ici’

A brand new version of Loin d’ici (Far from here) has been released by ZOË & Leonardo Davi. The song has been given a 2022 makeover with some contemporary rock overtones but still retaining that pop fun factor and is ideal for radio playlists.

Continue reading ZOË & Leonardo Davi release new version of ‘Loin d’ici’