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Originally planned to do this series over a month or two, but it takes a lot of time. INFE Australia, INFE Ireland and INFE South Africa teamed up to pick their favourite Eurovision entry involving a MALE SINGER from each country that have participated in the Eurovision song contest.

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Amir releases new song ‘La fête’


Amir is back with a new song entitled La fête (Celebration). It is an exotic feeling mid-tempo pop song with a strong production.

La fête is composed by Amir Haddad, Assaf Tzrouya and Nazim Khaled.

Amir represented France at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with J’ai cherché.

You can hear La fête below.

Source: ESC Covers



1 – SPAIN – Alvaro Soler – Sofia – 1579

2 – DR CONGO – Maître Gims – Tu vas me manquer – 1312

3 – IRELAND – Celtic Woman ft Oonagh – Tír na nóg – 1277

4 – FRANCE – Amir – On dirait – 1232

5 – AUSTRALIA – Sia – Cheap thrills – 1188

6 – RUSSIA – Sergey Lazarev – Idealniy mir – 1178

7 – USA – Eli Lieb & Steve Grand – Look away – 1118

8 – SAPMI – Jon Henrik Fjällgren – Mijjieh lea gaarkijes – 1040

9 – NEW ZEALAND – Broods – Free – 1022

10 – PERU – Ezio Oliva – El calendario – 1006


Artist thoughts by Paris Eurettefriend (Designed by Carolina Añazgo Leo)

“Bonjour, mes Eurofans! This is Paris Eurettefriend Calling!
What a coincidence that Berlin Eurofriend and i are happy to see our Eurostars on that lovely same day! After returning to the top 10 last year thanks to Amir (Mercí Beacoup!), i’m very happy to see Alma as my Eurostar! Adorbs, indeed! By the song contest: her CD debut will be released a week before she sings in Eurovision!

She’s the eldest sister, just like me because i love my talented and blessed siblings with all my heartflag (Even my Little sisters Madrid and Andorra Eurettefriend likes my Eurostars)! She’s an singer emerging on digital platform. And her music has a lot of universal meaning! I can’t wait to hear the Eurovision version of her song “Requiem” in Kyiv and you guys are going to “Adore” it! – By Paris Eurettefriend

Official Facebook Announcement: https://www.facebook.com/EurovisionFrance2/photos/a.1426391750985367.1073741825.1426389357652273/1706506666307206/?type=3
France page at ESCKAZ: http://www.esckaz.com/2017/fra.htm



Andreas has informed us that the CD of AMIR, who sang for France at the 2016 Eurovision, went double platinum and that this CD is still in the charts in France almost one year after it was released. It is clear that he is now of the most popular singers in France.

Andreas said his favourite songs on the CD are:




It is interesting that a platinum disc is still representing more sales than a gold disc, even although the gold price is much higher. It is, however, wonderful that any artist can still sell so many CD’s when the market is much smaller than before.


France: Amir, the king of covers 2016

Amir {copyright 20minutes.fr}
Amir {copyright 20minutes.fr}

This year’s French representative Amir has been one busy man. Not only is he traveling throughout Europe and spreading the fun and positive message of his Eurovision Song Contest entry J’ai cherché, but he also gifted his fans with multiple covers of previous (and current) Eurovision entries!

Checking the four covers Amir offered us so far. Back in March, France 2 hinted to us as to whom would be representing France at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. A few different hints were posted on twitter with various photos relating to Amir. Originally scheduled to be announced on 12 March on the Dicaire show, the news that Amir was the French artist actually ended up leaking before the show. Still, on 12 March, Amir presented his song J’ai cherché on the Dicaire Show. One interesting thing to note about the show was that, the host, Véronic Dicaire, who is originally from Canada (great connection to ROW!) happens to be a professional immitator, and during the show, she presented us with her own rendition of three classic Eurovision entries: 1965 France GallPoupée de cire poupée de son, 1977 Marie Myriam L’oiseau et l’enfant and finally 1988 Céline DionNe partez pas sans moi. You can watch Véronic’s renditions at the end of this report.

Following the show, on 17 March, and assuming that Amir still had L’oiseau et l’enfant stuck in his head, he decided to present us with his own rendition of the winning French entry on his twitter account:

A couple of weeks later, Amir was again showing off his amazing skills but this time by singing a song in connection to this year’s host country, Sweden. Here is Amir performing a beautiful acoustic version of Euphoria.

On 4 April, Amir gave us another one of his covers, this time it was time to connect with his Israel connection, as Amir and his family moved from France to Tel Aviv, Israel when he was eight. Check out Amir’s cover of last year’s Israel song Golden Boy.

Finally, Amir just kept on giving and giving and on 5 April, it was time to give tribute to this year’s Spain entry Say Yay! by Barei. Amir’s grand parents are from a Spanish part of Morocco which again brings a connection to Amir’s fourth cover:

So what do you think of Amir’s impressive list of covers? What do you think he should cover next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or on Facebook!


Article by David Robichaud from Canada

France choose Amir to sing at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest

Amir {copyright: closermag.fr}
Amir {copyright: closermag.fr}

France have decided that Amir will represent them at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden in May. The local broadcaster,France 2, revealed the news today after recent speculation.

Amir will sing J’ai cherché (I sought). The song is currently a hit in France. He will officially premier the song for Eurovision on The DiCaire Show on 12 March.

You can see the lyric video below.

Source: www.eurovision.tv; www.esccovers.com