Mishela Rapo covers ‘Me tana’ by Elvana Gjata from Festivali i Këngës 58

Mishela Rapo has covered a song from the Festivali i Këngës 58 in Albania by Elvana Gjata. The song is entitled Me tana (With us). Mishela has made a video clip for Me tana filmed in the recording studio. Me tana is composed by Elvana Gjata. This beautiful cover arrangement for Mishela is by Endrit Fusha. The […]

Albania: Mishela Rapo releases music video of cover of ‘Ma zgjat doren’

Following our article earlier today Mishela Rapo has just released a brand cover version with a video clip of the song Ma zgjat doren (Extends my hand). Ma zgjat doren is a song by Eneda Tarifa. Mishela performs a charming cover that showcases her clear and beautiful and expressive vocals. The song is emotional and has an […]

Watch: Mishela Rapo singing ‘Tren per Prizren’ at Maratona e Këngës 2019

Mishela Rapo performed Tren per Prizren (Train to Prizren) at the Maratona e Këngës 2019 tour in Berat, Albania. It is a cover version of a song by Behare Shala. Mishela gives Tren per Prizren her own unique and charming performance to the song. Mishela represented Albania at the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Dambaje. You can see Mishela […]

Watch Mishela Rapo perform ‘E doja, s’e doja’ at Maratona e Kenges 2019 in Elbasan, Albania

Mishela Rapo has had a busy year touring Albania with the Maratona e Kenges project organised by TV Klan in Albania. The tour took in man cities and towns and resorts throughout Albania. We can see Mishela perform the song E doja, s’e doja (I love it, I did not love it) at the event in […]

Listen to Mishela Rapo cover ‘Plas’ – the winning song of the 2018 Kënga Magjike festival

Mishela Rapo has recorded a cover version of Plas (Explode), the winning song of the 2018 Kënga Magjike festival in Albania. Plas was originally performed by Flori Mumajesi. Mishela stamps her own style on the song with her beautiful and crystal clear vocals. The beautiful ballad flows splendidly and Mishela adds a wonderful charm to the song. The 2018 […]

Listen to Mishela Rapo and her acoustic version of ‘Bones’ by Equinox

Mishela Rapo has made a charming acoustic version of the 2018 Bulgarian Eurovision song, Bones. It has a jazz piano feel and it showcases Mishela’s fine vocals. Mishela represented Albania at the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Bulgaria with her song Dambaje. You can see the video for Mishela’s version of Bones below. Source: ESC […]

Mishela Rapo releases new song ‘E doja, s’e doja’ from 2017 Kënga Magjike

Mishela Rapo has released a brand new track entitled E doja, s’e doja (I love, I do not want). The song features in the 2017 Kënga Magjike festival in Albania. It has a beautiful rhythm and a strong production and is very radio friendly. E doja, s’e doja has the music composed by Kledi Bahiti […]

Watch Mishela Rapo perform ‘I Will Survive’

Mishela Rapo was a popular contestant at the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest where she represented Albania with her song Dambaje. She finished in very respectable fifth place. Mishela has just performed the classic song I Will Survive (originally recorded by Gloria Gaynor) at a Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2016 at Universitetin Epoka […]

Klesta Qehaja to represent Albania at the 2016 Junior Eurovision with ‘Besoj’

Klesta Qehaja has been selected to represent Albania at the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with her song Besoj (I believe). A national selection 2016 Festivali i 53-të Mbarëkombëtar i Këngës për Fëmijë took place featuring 14 songs – Zhaklina Veizaj – Bote miresie kerkoj Dario Zela – We Need Love Rajan Kukaleshi – Vetem nuk je […]