Watch: Aroilda and her music video for her song ‘M’fale Jetë’

Aroilda has recently released a brand new song entitled M’fale Jetë (Forgive me life). The song is a feelgood and radio friendly track with a strong production. Aroilda recently released a music video for M’fale Jetë. Check out the video clip below. M’fale Jetë is composed by Venera Lumani and Lind Islami. The production is by Lind […]

Lindita releases new song ‘Better You’

Lindita has released a brand new song entitled Better You. It is a very contemporary sound with a slow drop r’nb beat and some ethnic instruments. Better You is available to purchase or stream via most digital stores including Amazon and Apple Music. Lindita represented Albania at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest with World. You […]

Efi Gjika releases brand new single and music video for ‘Stand Up’

Efi Gjika returns with her brand new song entitled Stand Up. The song is about ‘standing up’ and don’t back down and keep believing and keep on dreaming! This song shows a sensitive and soulful side to Efi and her vocals and music. Stand Up is composed by Winnie Sofia from the USA. The orchestral […]

Mira Janji releases new single and it’s ‘So High’

Mira Janji has released a brand new single and a fun feelgood music video for her song So High. So High is perfect for the summer days ahead. It has a cool and sexy rhythm and gives positive vibes. It has a strong beat, great vocals and has a powerful production and is radio friendly. The […]

‘Ideal’ is the new song by Ilirjana Elshani (Lila)

Ilirjana Elshani (Lila) has released a brand new song entitled Ideal. It is a cool and radio friendly pop song with an ethnic feel and strong production by Big Dream Entertainment. Lila is from Albania and Ideal is the follow up to her previous hit Luje. You can see the official music video Ideal by […]

Listen: Lorina and ‘Baby Falma’

Lorina is a young and talented singer from Albania. She has released a brand new song entitled Baby Falma. It is a catchy and contemporary upbeat track with a cool music video. Baby Falma music is Hocha Music. The track is mixed and produced by Alboos. The music video is courtesy of Infinitfiilms and the director […]

Mishela Rapo releases brand new song and music video for ‘Larg teje’

Mishela Rapo has released an emotional new song entitled Larg teje (Away from you). It is poignant for the current difficult times that face everybody during the world pandemic. Larg teje is a beautifully arranged song and Mishela’s vocals are charming and crystal clear as always. It is composed by Mishela Rapo and Alsked Rrenja (music) and Besa […]

Albania: Former Junior Fest singers record ‘Shqiperi o vendi im’ at their homes

Five young singers from Albania, who took part in the 2019 Junior Fest competition, have released the song Shqiperi o vendi im (Albania, my country). Noel Hoxholli, Kristiana Veshaj, Sajana Kodheli, Rumejsa Kola and Franceska Kasa recorded their vocals from their homes. It is a song of hope and better times and being proud of their country. […]