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Ilinca releases her new song ‘Furtuna mea’

Ilinca (P)&(C) Cat Music
Ilinca (P)&(C) Cat Music

Ilinca has released a brand new song entitled Furtuna mea (My storm). It is an upbeat and energetic trance style track with a cool beat and production.

Furtuna mea is composed by Florian Rus, Loredana Cavasdan and Vlad Lucan. The production is by Vlad Lucan.

Ilinca feat. Alex Florea represented Romania at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest with Yodel It!

You can see the official music video for Furtuna mea below.

Source: ESC Covers


Ilinca releases her new song ‘Nu acum’

Ilinca from the music video of 'Nu acum'
Ilinca from the music video of ‘Nu acum’

Ilinca has returned with her brand new single and video clip. The song is called Nu acum (Not now). It is a slow paced and radio friendly song with a strong production. Ilinca confirms her versatility as an artist and is comfortable singing many different styles of music.

Nu acum is composed by Irina Rimes with production by Razvan Matache. The video clip is by Dan Petcan. The song and video are courtesy of Cat Music and is available to purchase or stream via most digital outlets.

Ilinca (with Alex Florea) performed Yodel It! representing Romania at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest and impressed and charmed audiences worldwide.

You can see the video clip for Nu acum below.

Source: Cat Music/YouTube; ESC Covers

Interview: A catch up with Ilinca and what has been happening since ‘Yodel It!’

Ilinca {copyright: facebookcom/IlincaTheArtist}
Ilinca {copyright: facebookcom/IlincaTheArtist}

Ilinca & Alex Florea charmed us with their 2017 Eurovision hit song Yodel It! where they represented Romania. The song and the enthusiasm and the charismatic stage performance was magical and exciting. ESC Covers caught up with Ilinca and she tells us about her memories of the Eurovision experience and what she has been up to since May.

1. Hello Ilinca. Thank you to you and Alex for giving us great memories at Eurovision with the awesome ‘Yodel It!’. Now you have had time to reflect, how was your Eurovision experience?

The first thing I realised after coming back home was that ESC had changed me as a person in just two weeks. I felt like an entirely different human being. Everything I learned during Eurovision helped me to grow up and develop as an artist. Besides all of the pressure Eurovision was a lot of fun and made me feel like I was living my dream. I cherish every memory that I have and I am so thankful to have taken part in this amazing adventure that is ESC.

2. Do you have any favourite memories from the promo tours and in Kiev?

I have a “least” favourite memory from the concert in London which was our first promo tour concert and I was extremely tired because Alex and I had been filming our music video for “Yodel It!” the whole day before and been travelling all night to Bucharest and in the morning to London. Now the bad part comes when I decide to drink a glass of wine before the concert… that didn’t go very well!!)) But all of the other memories that I have are my favourites.

3. What have you been up to since Eurovision?

I had my final highschool exams, I’ve been preparing for college, I travelled to Paris and I went to Disneyland, I celebrated my 19th birthday and I’ve been preparing a lot of content for my YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDqKD32wd6xtOo7x7iJMavw )

4. You released your own single ‘Amici’. Can you tell us something about the song and what it is about?

The song “Amici” shows a slightly different side of me. The song is about having to be friends with the person who took your lover away from you. The song means a lot to me because I once found myself in the same position. The music video features Alex because we obviously had chemistry and we thought why not take advantage of that!!) I’m very happy with the way the music video turned out.

5. When can we expect more new music from you, and what sort of styles of music can we expect?

You can expect anything from me    I thought that was clear Probably this autumn I will release my next single, which will be in English. That’s all I can tell you so far.

6. What type of music do you like to listen to at home? Who are your favourite singers/artists?

As weird as it may sound I listen to a lot of rap. That’s why one of my favourite songs of all times is “No Diggity” by Blackstreet. One of my biggest inspirations is Michael Jackson but some other artists that I love and I look up to are: Jessie J, Whitney Houston, P!nk, Bruno Mars, Aretha Franklin and… (drum roll) FRANCO CORELLI (greatest tenor of all times in my opinion

7. Where would be your dream holiday vacation destination?

Anywhere with a beach and nice weather with my family and best friends!

Thank you Ilinca….we wish you lots of luck for the future and we look forward to hearing more of your music soon.

Thank you! Love you!

Let us relive the great memory of Ilinca & Alex Florea with their Eurovision performance of Yodel It! below and also the lovely Amici promo video clip below.

Source: ESC Covers

Ilinca releases her brand new single ‘Amici’

Ilinca {copyright: Cat Music}
Ilinca {copyright: Cat Music}

On the day that Ilinca & Alex Florea will take to the stage in the second semi-final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest for Romania with Yodel It!, Cat Music have released Ilinca’s first solo single entitled Amici.

It shows the versatility of Ilinca as a singer. She can certainly sing with her crystal clear and charming vocals. Amici music is by Miculescu Theea and lyrics by Miculescu Theea and instrumental by Antonescu Alex, Tamazlicaru Catalin, Sava Constantin and Cotoi Alex

You can see the video for Amici below and ESC Covers wishes Ilinca & Alex all the best for the show this evening.

Source: Cat Music, ESC Covers