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Artist thoughts by Dublin Eurofriend (Designed by Carolina Añazgo Leo):

“Top O’ the Contest! I’m Dublin Eurofriend and as you can see by my green hair, my heartflag and my 4-leaf clover t-shirt, I’m the luckiest Eurofriend in Eurovision Land. My job is to make sure every friend can discover their luck and what they’re good for! And what I’m good for besides being a lucky charm for my friends? I’m good playing the lyre and dancing to Irish music! (Kudos that My country made Riverdance Famous)

And now, I’m sharing my good luck to Brendan. And he’s lucky to represent Ireland because he was born the year when my country achieved it’s 7th victory. That’s a good omen of good luck and maybe I can see an 8th victory for me! And his life is surrounded by Eurovision memories and his parents loves my winning Eurofans Johnny Logan and Linda Martin. So, everything’s ready for a charming Song Contest in Kyiv in May!”- By Dublin Eurofriend

Official broadcaster’s Announcement of the song:http://www.rte.ie/entertainment/2017/0310/858692-eurovision/
Ireland Page at ESCKAZ: http://www.esckaz.com/2017/ire.htm