2018 Makfest: Watch Barbara perform ‘Ne si ti kriv’

Recently ESC Covers reported about the comeback of Barbara Popović with her song Ne si ti kriv at the 2018 Makfest festival. Now we can show you Barbara perform her song Ne si ti kriv. Take a look at Barbara’s performance below. She looks confident on the stage as she performs with her dancers. Welcome back Barbara! […]

Lina Pejovska releases Serbian version of ‘NEMA’

Recently we told you about the new release by Lina Pejovska and her song NEMA that was featured in the 2018 Makfest competition. The song was performed in the Macedonian language. Now Lina has released the Serbian version of the song. It really is a beautiful ballad sung with a lot of emotion. The music and […]

Mina Blažev wins the best debutant award at the 2018 Makfest

Mina Blažev impressed many with her performances at the 2018 Makfest competition with her song Vo drugi dusi. Mina won the best debutant award for her confident and mature performances and, of course, a really good song by Robert Bilbilov and Ivana Dimova. Mina represented FYR Macedonia at the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Dancing […]

Lina Pejovska releases her new song ‘NEMA’ from 2018 Makfest

  Lina Pejovska has released her brand new song entitled NEMA (No). Lina features with the song in the 2018 Makfest competition in FYR Macedonia and she made it through to the grand final to be held tomorrow night. NEMA is a powerful and emotive ballad that is beautifully produced and includes a classical musical type […]

Mina Blažev releases official video clip for ‘Vo drugi dusi’ … and makes it to the final of the 2018 Makfest

Mina Blažev is currently taking part in the 33rd edition of the Makfest competition in FYR Macedonia and she made it all the way to the final with her brand new song Vo drugi dusi (Other souls) to be held on Saturday night. Mina has also released the official video clip for Vo drugi dusi. The video […]

Mina Blažev to participate in the 33rd edition of Makfest competition

Mina Blažev will next week participate in the 33rd edition of the Makfest competition in FYR Macedonia. She will perform the song Vo drugi dusi (Other souls). Vo drugi dusi is composed by Robert Bilbilov, who wrote Mina’s song Vekje nema earlier this summer. 32 acts will take part in the Makfest with 16 artists singing on Thursday […]