Mina Blažev wins the best debutant award at the 2018 Makfest

Mina Blažev {copyright: Jingle tv}

Mina Blažev {copyright: Jingle tv}

Mina Blažev impressed many with her performances at the 2018 Makfest competition with her song Vo drugi dusi.

Mina won the best debutant award for her confident and mature performances and, of course, a really good song by Robert Bilbilov and Ivana Dimova.

Mina represented FYR Macedonia at the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Dancing Through Life.

Congratulations to Mina. I am sure there will many more awards and titles coming her way in the future.

You can see a video of Mina performing at the Makfest below and we include the official video of Vo drugi dusi.

Source: ESC Covers

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