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The Voice Kids Russia returned with a twist

A special season of the vocal project “The Voice Kids” has started in Russia.

Only the best participants from the past 10 seasons take part in this special season. Some of them participated in the Russian “The Voice Kids” 10 years ago, some seven years ago and some five years ago.

The jury includes Dima Bilan (Eurovision 2008 winner) and Polina Gagarina (Eurovision 2015 runner up). The host of the special season is Yana Churikova. She was a commentator for Russia at Eurovision 2009, 2013, 2015, 2018 and 2021.

During the first stage, the winner of The Voice Kids season #1 and the representative of Russia at Junior Eurovision 2014, Alisa Kozhikina, performed the song The Best by Tina Turner. Dima Bilan turned his chair and took Alisa into his team.

The judges, Dima Bilan, Pelageya, Polina Gagarina and Yegor Creed, Dima Bilan, Pelageya, Polina Gagarina and Yegor Creed  performed a version of Waterloo by ABBA  (1974 ESC Sweden winners). You can this here on VK. You can also see Alisa sing The Best here.

Source: Eliana Gonchareva; Photos@Channel One Russia