Nina Žižić releases her new song – ‘Kiss You, Goodbye!’

Nina Žižić {copyright: Fly Foto/Nina Žižić/}

Nina Žižić {copyright: Fly Foto/Nina Žižić/}

Nina Žižić was part of the Who See, who represented Montenegro at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest with Igranka (The party). Now she returns with a new and exciting project. Nina has released a brand new song entitled Kiss You, Goodbye.

It is gentle and charming pop song that was made in Azerbaijan and is part of a soundtrack for a movie. ‘Həddən artıq uyğunluq’ (Excessive compliance). Kiss You, Goodbye is a remake of an old Azeri song called Qayıtdı xəyallar (Returned dreams). The project was courtesy of Peachline and released through Baku Music.

Nina is a popular singer in Montenegro and has had success in festivals such as Suncane Skale in her homeland. She also took part in the 2005 Serbia-Montenegro national final with the group Negre and the song K’o Nijedna Druga.  Nina was also a solo artist in the 2006 Serbia-Montenegro final performing Potraži me.

You can see the official video for Kiss You, Goodbye! below.


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    Great voice!

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