Cascada releases new track ‘Like The Way I Do’

Cascada returns with a brand new song entitled Like The Way I Do. It is an upbeat and strong dance track in the traditional style of Cascada. It was at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest that Cascada represented Germany with the anthemic Glorious. You can see the official music video for Like The Way I Do […]

Nodiko Tatishvili releases new single ‘Me votsnebobdi’

Nodiko Tatishvili has released a brand new single and video clip for his song Me votsnebobdi (I dreamed). It is a laid back jazz type pop song with a nice rhythm. Me votsnebobdi is composed by Davi MC and Manana Gurgenidze. The production and orchestration are by Aleko Berdzenishvili. A special mention for the musicians including Paata […]

Emmelie de Forest releases her brand new single called ‘Sanctuary’

Emmelie De Forest returns to the spotlight with her brand new single entitled Sanctuary. It is a great pop song that has a strong production and it suits Emmelie’s clear and charming vocals perfectly. Emmelie spoke about Sanctuary by saying “A Sanctuary could be many different things. To me, it’s all the ideas that pop […]

Emmelie de Forest runs Pledge Music campaign to release her new EP

Emmelie de Forest will release a brand new EP of new material in October this year. The project will be funded by Pledge Music. Fans can contribute and sign up for lots of exclusives from Emmelie by pledging money for the various offers. You can read more information about what is involved here . […]

Sephora Bonsfield performs ‘Crisalide (Vola)’ on Maratona Missjoni 2017 in Malta

Sephora Bonsfield is a charming young singer from Malta. She has just performed her version of Crisalide (Vola), the 2013 Eurovision song of San Marino by Valentina Monetta. Sephora performed on a special charity show Maratona Missjoni 2017. Sephora’s dream is to participate at the Eurovision Song Contest in the future. We will look out […]

Nina Žižić releases her new song – ‘Kiss You, Goodbye!’

Nina Žižić was part of the Who See, who represented Montenegro at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest with Igranka (The party). Now she returns with a new and exciting project. Nina has released a brand new song entitled Kiss You, Goodbye. It is gentle and charming pop song that was made in Azerbaijan and is […]

Watch Federica Falzon perform ‘It’s My Life’

Federica Falzon represented Malta at the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song Diamonds. She gave an outstanding performance of the pop/opera song and achieved a lot of acclaim. Federica recently performed the Romanian 2013 Eurovision song by Cezar It’s My Life on the popular TVM entertainment series Hadd Ghalik Sajf. The upbeat pop/opera song […]

‘Kako tebe nema druga’ – the new single by Lozano

Lozano (Vlatko Lozanoski) represented FYR Macedonia, together with Esma, at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Pred da se razdeni. The song competed in the second semi-final that year but did not make it to the final. Lozano is back with his brand new song for the summer of 2015. It is entitled Kako […]

Emmelie de Forest releases Wildfire with Fahrenhaidt

The winner of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, Emmelie de Forest, has released a new song and video with the band Fahrenhaidt. The song is called Wildfire. Emmelie won the Eurovision in 2013 with Only Teardrops. Fahrenheidt are one of the acts in the 2015 Germany selection Unser Für Österreich. Wildfire is taken from the new […]