Check out ‘Bella Ciao’ by Sofia Fisenko & Ranel Bogdanov with FloMaster dance studio


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Sofia Fisenko & Ranel Bogdanov together with FloMaster dance studio have made a unique version of the Bella Ciao song in Russian. The video is spectacular with great singing and dancing and is filmed in a theatre and on an a warship.

The video Bella Ciao was directed by Nikita Zhorichev who also was the cameraman and responsible for the post-production.

Sofia also recently made a charming performance in Russia with the Tula National Guard Orchestra of Flag moyego Gosudarstva (Flag Of My State) by Denis Maydanov.


Sofia was part of the Water Of Life Project who represented Russia at the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Water Of Life.

You can see Sofia and the videos of Bella Ciao and Flag moyego Gosudarstva below.

Source: ESC Covers

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