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Alexa Curtis releases new single ‘Overflow’


Alexa Curtis has released a brand new single entitled Overflow. It is a charming and anthemic ballad that builds beautifully and showcases Alexa’s clear and charming vocals.

Alexa thanks Tim O’Brien, Travis Hodgkinson, Daniel Newstead, David Caplice and her mother and father for making this project possible.

Overflow is available to purchase or stream via most digital stores such as Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music and many more.

Alexa represented Australia at the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with We Are. She won the The Voice Kids Australia in 2014 and even sang a duet with Anja Nissen (The Voice Australia 2014 winner and representative of Denmark at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest).

You can see the official music video for Overflow below.

Source: ESC Covers

Check out ‘Bella Ciao’ by Sofia Fisenko & Ranel Bogdanov with FloMaster dance studio


sof34 sosf2 dvefwe

Sofia Fisenko & Ranel Bogdanov together with FloMaster dance studio have made a unique version of the Bella Ciao song in Russian. The video is spectacular with great singing and dancing and is filmed in a theatre and on an a warship.

The video Bella Ciao was directed by Nikita Zhorichev who also was the cameraman and responsible for the post-production.

Sofia also recently made a charming performance in Russia with the Tula National Guard Orchestra of Flag moyego Gosudarstva (Flag Of My State) by Denis Maydanov.


Sofia was part of the Water Of Life Project who represented Russia at the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Water Of Life.

You can see Sofia and the videos of Bella Ciao and Flag moyego Gosudarstva below.

Source: ESC Covers

Stefania & Rein release ‘SWIPE’ single


Stefania & Rein have released a collaboration song called SWIPE. It is a catchy upbeat song with a new dance move even for social distance!

SWIPE is composed by Dick Kok and John-Lewis Cabot. The production is by Dick Kok forLAB-3 and the mastering is by Peter Brussee of Q-Point.

Stefania was chosen to represent Greece at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest with SUPERG!RL, but did not get the chance to perform the song as the competition was cancelled due to the world pandemic. However, she will get another chance to sing for Greece in the 2020 Eurovision. She also represented the Netherlands at the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest as part of the group, Kisses, with the song Kisses & Dancin’.

Rein van Duivenboden is a singer and actor from the Netherlands and is most recent song was called Why.

You can see the official music video for SWIPE below. The track is available to purchase or stream from all good digital stores including Amazon, Spotify and many more.

Source: ESC Covers

Mary Vardanyan performs emotional version of ‘Artsakh’

Mary Vardanyan
Mary Vardanyan

Mary Vardanyan has made a special and emotional version of the song Artsakh by Artur Grigoryan.

The song, Artsakh, has a lot of meaning in Armenia over the Nagorno-Karabakh region. The song is very beautiful and Mary performs it with much emotion and feeling. She has a charming voice.

It was at the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest for Armenia that Anahit Adamyan & Mary Vardanyan performed the catchy and upbeat Tarber, and finished in the runner up position.

You can see Mary perform Artsakh below.

Source: ESC Covers

Sterre Koning releases new single ‘GIRLS’


Sterre Koning has released a brand new song called GIRLS. It is an upbeat and fun and happy song with a strong production.

Sterre is a young and talented singer, presenter, actress and influencer from the Netherlands. She was a popular contestant on The Voice Kids in her home country.

Sterre was a member of Kisses who represented the Netherlands at the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Kisses and Dancin’.

GIRLS is available to purchase or stream at most digital stores.

You can see the official music video for GIRLS below. The clip also features the girl band REMIX who participated in the Junior Songfestival in the Netherlands in 2018.

Source: ESC Covers

Sasha Minyonok – from 2016 to 2020 – Then and Now


capture  12

Sasha Minyonok represented Belarus at the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Musyka moih pobed. His stage presence and energy impressed many.

Sasha is still recording in 2020 and he released the song Malo earlier this year. Again this showcases his star quality and good vocals and dancing.

You can see Sasha with his most recent song below as well as remind ourselves of his 2016 JESC performance.

Source: ESC Covers

Bogdan Vand & Anahit duet on ‘Ne znayet nikto’

Bogdan Vand & Anahit @anahitadamian
Bogdan Vand & Anahit @anahitadamian

Bogdan Vand & Anahit have released a duet song Ne znayet nikto (Nobody knows). The song is performed in the Russian language. It is a contemporary modern track.

Anahit Adamyan (with Mary Vardanyan) represented Armenia at the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Tarber.

You can hear Bogdan & Anahit with their new song below.

Source: ESC Covers