Then and Now: 2003 Junior Eurovision Song Contest : Greece

Nicolas-Ganopoulos then Nikos Ganopoulos now

We look back to the very first Junior Eurovision held 13 years ago, and see what the artists are up to today.

1.  GREECE  – Nikos GanopouloFili Gia Panta

After the contest, Nikos gave up music all together and has become an entrepreneur. Now residing in Edinburgh, Nikos has set up successful software developing companies.

You can see Nikos perform his song below.


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  1. I remember in 2006 when Eurovision was in Athens. Morten and I were one day getting off the underground when this guy came running to us -YOU ARE HERE FOR EUROVISION (he saw our accreditation badges) and then he told us I was in 2003 for Greece at Junior Eurovision,

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