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Then and Now : 2003 Junior Eurovision Song Contest : FYR Macedonia

Marija-Viktorija- ViktorijaLoba_Pelisterka1


Ti Ne Me Pozavas was the only song recorded by the duo. Viktorija Loba went on to form another duo called Taboo, who released a few singles including their biggest hit, Abrakadabra. She is currently building her solo career, and attempted to represent Macedonia in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, with the song Edna Edinstvena, which came seventh in the National Final. Viktorija has also embarked on a modelling career.

Marija Arsovska also released a couple of singles,one of which you can hear below. She even joined Taboo after Viktoria left, but since Taboo split, not much has been heard of her.
If anyone knows what she has been up to, or has a recent photograph, please let us know.

You can see/hear the girls then and now below.


Then and Now: 2003 Junior Eurovision Song Contest : Latvia

Dzintars-Cica- then Dzintars_Cica_now

Dzintars Čīča  – Tu Esi Vasarā

Soon after the contest, Dzintars released his album, Nāc Un Dziedi, and continued to compete in other talent shows in Latvia.

He moved to St. Petersburg in Russia in 2014, in the hope to improve his recording career.

Dzintars has also taken up extreme combat sports which have components of boxing, wrestling and martial arts.
He is  currently doing a concert tour around Latvia.

You can see Dzintars then and now below.



Then and Now: 2003 Junior Eurovision Song Contest : Belarus

olga thenolga

BELARUS: Olga SatsiukTantsuy

After participating in the 2003 Junior Eurovision, Olga was often invited to participate in numerous concerts and television programmes.

Since then she has released many singles,  collaborating with the band Lokoh and  now with her own group Prime Band who released a rock version of Loreen‘s  Euphoria last year.

You can hear Olga then and now below.



Then and Now: 2003 Junior Eurovision Song Contest : Cyprus

theodora rafti THEN theodora rati now

CYPRUS: Theodora Rafti Mia Efhi

In 2008, Theodora sang on the successful UNICEF song, Hand In Hand. Since then she has become a highly regarded operatic singer. She has recently completed her studies at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest
She has won various prizes in music, including the Aspect Foundation Prize 2016. She will be making her London debut in March 2017 by performing a Solo Recital in Leighton House.

You can see Theodora perform her Junior Eurovision song below and also see her more recent operatic performance.




Then and Now: 2003 Junior Eurovision Song Contest : Croatia

dino-jelusic then Dino_Jelusić now

Since winning the contest, Dino Jelusić has become a hugely successful rock singer and song writer. He has released four solo albums, including an English version of his debut album, No.1.
Dino is currently performing as  the lead singer of the band The Mad Dogs, who are due to release their first E.P. He is also a member of the metalcore band The Ralph, who are preparing their new album, Enter Escape.

2. CROATIADino JelusićTi Si Moja Prva Ljubav

You can see Dino’s winning performance below and a more recent video with his band.



Then and Now: 2003 Junior Eurovision Song Contest : Greece

Nicolas-Ganopoulos then Nikos Ganopoulos now

We look back to the very first Junior Eurovision held 13 years ago, and see what the artists are up to today.

1.  GREECE  – Nikos GanopouloFili Gia Panta

After the contest, Nikos gave up music all together and has become an entrepreneur. Now residing in Edinburgh, Nikos has set up successful software developing companies.

You can see Nikos perform his song below.