Morten Thomassen writes an interesting article today about the biggest victory at Eurovision. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

Rarely has the debate about who really deserved to win gone higher than this year.

Some are overjoyed that Loreen won, while others are still licking their wounds after the people’s favorite Käärijä had to see himself beaten by the previously mentioned Swede.

It’s natural to feel the most for your favorite and everyone should be allowed to do that, but actually it’s a victory I feel an even bigger one and it’s the invasion this year’s songs have made on charts around the world.

This actually means a lot to the Eurovision Song Contest brand and ensures that our beloved competition has many long years ahead of it.

You remember with a little horror the 90s and 00s where the songs were mostly forgotten minutes after the broadcast was over if you weren’t a super fan of the competition.

We don’t want to go back there, I think many people agree and part of the success after 2009 is probably due to the fact that both a professional jury and the people get to help decide who wins and then you have to live with the fact that you it seems that “the wrong song won”.

We saw that both juries and the people can be thoroughly wrong last year, and I am thinking here of the Armenian artist Rosa Linn.

A 16th place with the jury and a 17th place from the people gave a total of 20th place and what would normally be a place in the forgotten cabinet of ESC history.

However, the fact that the song “Snap” took off on, among other things, TikTok has meant that this song has now probably taken over the place as the most successful “ESC loser” from the Italian contribution “Volare” back from 1958.

It remains to be seen who will grab the title of hit of the year among those who are now ravaging the charts all over the world, that several songs are currently fighting for that title is nothing less than a great thing and I hope that more that the most prominent artists and song- manufacturers in the participating countries now see the benefit of being part of the ESC.



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