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The next country to rehearse is Armenia. Their singer Brunette will perform Future Lover. She is a big star in Armenia, and the recorded version of this song is sung in English with a final section in Armenian.

The question on everybody’s lips is whether this song can match the huge success of Rosa Linn’s Snap from 2022? Of course the song was not such a big success at Eurovision in Turin last year, but then through TikTok became a smash all over the world, even here in South Africa where ESC Covers are based.

The performance starts off as a soft piano ballad, with Brunette lying on a sloped structure that’s been erected at the front of the stage, against a backdrop of swirling graphics. Eurovision.tv reports just as the audience is swaying dreamily, Brunette drops a fierce rap interlude and the whole thing goes OFF. Brunette has incredible stage presence and a powerful vocal, and this staging makes really clever use of light and graphics during the tempo changes. This is powerful stuff.

Stephan Herholdt designed a promo CD single of the Armenian entry for ESC Covers and here is it.