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On behalf of everyone – Happy holidays. it’s also Tripoli’s Birthday, so Carolina of Peru thought we celebrate with her.

Tripoli Africafriend
Country that represents:Libya
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 24
Eurovision Land Counterpart Friend: Budapest Eurofriend
Tripoli is one friend of a party planner who loves to make birthday parties and make people happy on that special day… shh! she’s always ahead and she knows her friends likes!
Even her special day is extra special, since it coincides with the holiday season and she really knows how to make a good party with lots of gifts to give and receive on that day!

This party planner is a fan of Budapest, but she keeps her ideas to herself, and her counterpart knows it! This girl is an expert with a celebration, even though she’s a soft-spoken Africafriend with lots of parties to make!

Happy Holidays and and a great start to 2018