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On behalf of everyone – Happy holidays. it’s also Tripoli’s Birthday, so Carolina of Peru thought we celebrate with her.

Tripoli Africafriend
Country that represents:Libya
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 24
Eurovision Land Counterpart Friend: Budapest Eurofriend
Tripoli is one friend of a party planner who loves to make birthday parties and make people happy on that special day… shh! she’s always ahead and she knows her friends likes!
Even her special day is extra special, since it coincides with the holiday season and she really knows how to make a good party with lots of gifts to give and receive on that day!

This party planner is a fan of Budapest, but she keeps her ideas to herself, and her counterpart knows it! This girl is an expert with a celebration, even though she’s a soft-spoken Africafriend with lots of parties to make!

Happy Holidays and and a great start to 2018



Lobamba Africafriend
Country that represents: Swaziland
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 06
Eurovision Land Countepart Friend: Zagreb Eurofriend
Lobamba is a lot of heroism for everyfriend since he’s Afrimusicville’s favourite hero… and his mask is pretty cool, perfect for his job to save the day with a few words!

He spends his time using his Afrimusic charm powers to save the day in a unique way! And the morning newspaper is filled with stories starring him!

We don’t know how he looks without his mask… Even Zagreb doesn’t know the answers to that question. Like they say, a good superhero has a cool mask to make them cooler!



Nairobi Africafriend
Country that represents: Kenya
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 12
Eurovision Land Counterpart: Athens Eurettefriend
Nairobi is Afrimusicville’s star player and she wants her friends to enjoy the game as much as she does doing each day.

She enjoys playing indoor and outdoor games so much, that she even knows the rules and the structure of play.

Her winning attitude shines in everything she does, and she never feels the pressure doing it… even if she ends 2nd or 3rd place! Athens Eurettefriend reminds this Africafriend that friendship is the best prize!




Accra Lil Africafriend
Country that represents: Ghana
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 6
Eurovision land counterpart friend: Nicosia Eurettefriend
Accra might be a Lil Africafriend, but he has a vast knowledge about tecnology and he makes everyfriend surprised with his geek skills.
Just ask his penpal Nicosia, she taught this little kid how to code and use the internet. He’s also a inventor who’s taking babyfriend steps to help other in the Africafriend community
This Ghanan lil friend makes the internet more safe for his fellow Africafriend pals and he even made a security software to protect their computers and tablets.



Asmara Lil Africafriend
Country that represents: Eritrea
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 24
Eurovision Land counterpart Friend: Chisinau Lil Eurettefriend
Asmara is a friend of a feather with everyfriend she meets and she’s a playful and naive girl who loves to meet new people and collecting stamps from all over the Contest!
She makes friendships as easy as a breeze, but keeps them stronger that even lasts forever. Even if she sends plenty of postcards with butterflies on it (Just like the ones on her dress) to show that she’s a good friend for every friend she meets.

This lil friend who loves stamps knows her fellow friends in Afrimusicville and the entire song Contest perfectly! a good example is that she recieves lots of flower seeds from her friend Chisinau.


Windhoek Africafriend
Country that represents: Namibia
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 21
Eurovision land counterpart: Reykjavik Lil Eurofriend
Windhoek is a fresh breeze of kindness through others and her heart buzzes like a honey, and the sweetness of fresh honey with every hug, just like Reykjavik Lil Eurofriend’s hugging skills!
She puts her heart and song to help people to be kind in AfrimusicVille! But sometimes, she can be seen making stuffed animals and gives to everyfriend in need and send to charity!
This sweetie also loves to share those kind moments with her friends and she enjoys to spread a lot of buzz in town, just like the bee outfit she wears!



N’Djamena Africafriend
Country that represents: Chad
Gender: Female
Birhday: August 11
Eurovision Land counterpart: Copenhagen Eurofriend
N’Djamena is a creative girl who never experienced a creative’s block, thanks to her artistic spirit flowing each day from her 2 different coloured eyes to her boots filled with paint and adding new paintings on the Afrimusicville museum makes the most happiest artist in the Song Contest.
She enjoys helping people being inspired with art and creativity and adds an Afrimusic touch to her masterpieces… even though she makes a splash with the canvas!
Even she shares some of her art to Copenhagen Eurofriend, but some of the danish friend paintings she sends are given to Bucharest Eurofriend (Due to both friends share their flag colours) and she has to visit her Eurovision Land counterpart to see all kinds of art on all its glory.



Luanda “Lulu” Africafriend
Country that represents: Angola
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 11
Eurovision Land Counerpart Friend: Madrid Eurettefriend
Luanda keeps all the Afrimusic dance moves alive as her heart desires to see them on the dancefloor and she’s not afraid to share to everyfriend around the Song Contest with her beats.
Just like Madrid, she finds the right moves to the music she listens and sometimes, this africafriend adds her favourite move Angola Capoeira. A real groovy friend who wants to see her friends dancing in town.
Even if she dances and spins, she’s having a danceball, and her poofy hair follows that statement in town! And her friends called her “Lulu” because of all those loopy twirl she does while she’s dancing.



Bissau Africafriend
Country that represents: Guinea-Bissau
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 10
Eurovision Land counterpart Friend: Tbilisi Eurettefriend
Bissau looks everything and everyfriend from a peaceful perspective and his love for Song Contest peace is loud and clear as water and this peacemaker makes sure to lives his personality!
He loves to see his friends living in harmony as a family and he teaches free Yoga lessons to them in Afrimusicville.
Easy as eating a piece of cake, Bissau spends to share relaxing moments with others and he always visits Tbilisi Eurettefriend for a meditation that will bring everyfriend live in peace.



Brazzaville Africafriend
Country that represents: Republic of the Congo
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 15
Eurovision Land Counterpart Friend: Cardiff Eurofriend
Brazzaville loves helping people with special needs while finding a special place for them, and this autistic girl has a bright and happy view of everything and everyfriend nice in the Song Contest and she treats them with love.
She has a lot of talent and loves helping others and doing fun things for others like doing unboxing videos of everything she discovers and sharing to the other Africafriends, and they love her and they think she’s a hero thanks to her possitive attitude in each situation.
She’s good friends with Cardiff Eurofriend because he inspired her to see every friend’s unique abilities within and she believes that each friend has a piece to fulfill their destinies with love and diversity(just like her jigsaw hairclip!).