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Collectors of the Eurovision entries on CD will know that Norway did not have a CD single of their 2018 entry THAT’S HOW YOU WRITE A SONG by Alexander Rybak. In order for ESC Covers to be able to display each and every item, we got Stephan Herholdt to design a promo single for this song. There are just 4 copies of it available and 2 of them ESC Covers have made available to be WON by either Eurovision fans or Alexander fans.

This is how it will work:
ONE copy for a fan from NORWAY
Norwegian fans who want to take part, has to be a member of OGAE NORWAY. We will check it with the president of OGAE Norway. You also have to answer a question – how many points did That’s how you write a song got in its semi-final in Lisbon.
ONE copy for a fan from any other country but NORWAY
Fans from the rest of the planet (beside Norway) do not have to be a fan of any OGAE club, just a fan of either Eurovision or Alexander. Your question is as follows: Did That’s how you write a song compete in semi final 1 or semi final 2 in Lisbon.

People who want to enter can do it in one of three different ways:
1 – give your answer  on the facebook – EUROVISION COVERAGE
2 – do it here on the ESC COVERS website and leave your answer as a comment
3 – write your answer in an e-mail to roelofv0@absamail.co.za

You have until Friday 12 November to enter the competition – it will close at midnight Central European time.
The two winners will be announced on both the facebook and the website.
Due to postal problems from SOUTH AFRICA, the CD’s will only be posted out end of November when Roy, the owner of ESC Covers, is in Minsk, Belarus for Junior Eurovision.



Several countries did not release promo singles in Lisbon this year (about 10 countries) while another 4 or so only had USB sticks. ESC Covers like to display physically promo singles as we have the only Eurovision library in South Africa. So, like in 2017, we had called on Stephan Herholdt to design promo covers for the missing ones and we will now start to display them. The first one is NORWAY 2018 – Alexander Rybak with his song THAT’S HOW YOU WRITE A SONG