Several countries did not release promo singles in Lisbon this year (about 10 countries) while another 4 or so only had USB sticks. ESC Covers like to display physically promo singles as we have the only Eurovision library in South Africa. So, like in 2017, we had called on Stephan Herholdt to design promo covers for the missing ones and we will now start to display them. The first one is NORWAY 2018 – Alexander Rybak with his song THAT’S HOW YOU WRITE A SONG


2 thoughts on “PROMO CD SINGLE – NORWAY 2018”

  1. Alexander Raybak he is one of the talented artists. I have seen him in Moscow 2009 when he won the contest and brought it to Oslo in 2010. Unfortuntely in most of the cases in their second participation in the eurovision song contest they they don’t do very well. Perhaps the reason is the the years that had passed between the first appearance in the show and the second time.

    The only exception was with Johnny Logan that won the contest 3 times. twice as a songer and the third time as a sonfwriter.

  2. not my cup of tea, but great cover design! Countries should do that as normal part of their promotion

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