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Focus on Kazakhstan’s young talent at showcase in Georgia

The young talent from Kazakhstan@Republic, Tbilisi {copyright: ESC Covers}
The young talent from Kazakhstan@Republic, Tbilisi {copyright: ESC Covers}

One of the most entertaining events during the Junior Eurovision week in Georgia was the appearance of several young and talented singers from Kazakhstan, who performed at the Republic conference centre in Tbilisi.

Here are the acts that performed –

Alua Serikkhanova

Danelia Tuleshova

Rustem Zhugunosov

Muhammedali Zhugunusov

Danya Ishankulova

Muzaryt Kurmanali

Markhat Zhylkybayev

Mariya Zatvarnitskaya

The event was organised by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Channel 31. It is hoped Kazakhstan will participate in the 2018 edition of Junior Eurovision.

Let us take a look at a couple of video clips recorded by ESC Covers on the night. We have a short video of Muhammedali Zhugunusov  (The holder of the 3rd place of the international contest “Children’s New Wave-2014” (Crimea) & Danelia Tuleshova.
who is a laureate of international competitions and participant of the project “Golos Deti” (Ukraine).

We also see Merhat Zhylkybayev (the winner of Grand Prix of the Republican contest “Bala Dauysy – 2016”).

Source: ESC Covers