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We now have the results from the 20th country – it is the little island of COMOROS. Quite an interesting vote. Again as the system we use for the voting pictures does not supply Comoros, we use some photo’s.
12 points – France
10 points – Malta
8 points – Cyprus
7 points – Greece
6 points – Croatia
5 points – Russia
4 points – Ireland
3 points – Belgium
2 points – Spain
1 point – San Marino




The running order of the Second Semi-Final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest:

1. Serbia
2. Austria
3. Russia
4. FYR Macedonia
5. Malta
6. Romania
7. The Netherlands
8. Hungary
9. Denmark
10. Ireland
11. San Marino
12. Croatia
13. Norway
14. Switzerland
15. Belarus
16. Bulgaria
17. Lithuania
18. Estonia
19. Israel



The 13rd country to reveal their votes is MALAWI. The program we use to make the voting picture does not have Malawi in their system, so we have to give you their points in the form of text
12 points – San Marino
10 points – Macedonia
8 points – Croatia
7 points – Montenegro
6 points – Ireland
5 points – Finland
4 points – Norway
3 points – Sweden
2 points – Austria
1 point – Russia


More music festival success for Sara Dall’Olio in Italy and Russia

Sara Dall'Olio
Sara Dall’Olio

Sara Dall’Olio has achieved more national and international success in two big music festivals. First up on 26 February Sara won the Giulietta loves Romeo competition in Verona, Italy. The festival was organised by Angelo Valsiglio. Sara won with the original song Dimenticarmi di te composed by Luca Medri and Alberto Pepoli. A video clip was made for the song.

The next big success was in St Petersburg in Russia where she won the runner up prize in her category (ages 18-23) also with the song Dimenticarmi di te and a cover of Je t’aime by Lara Fabian.

Sara was a member of The Peppermints who sang Breaking My Heart for San Marino at the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

You can hear Dimenticarmi di te below.

Source: ESC Covers

Arianna Ulivi to perform at special pre-San Remo final show

Arianna Ulivi {copyright: facebook.com/arianna.ulivi}
Arianna Ulivi {copyright: facebook.com/arianna.ulivi}

Arianna Ulivi will perform at a special pre San Remo show on Saturday. It is a contest called Sa(…)remmo d.o.c. The show will take place at Palafiori, which is next to Teatro Ariston, where the 2017 San Remo festival takes place.

Arianna will perform The Scientist by Coldplay, It will be interesting to hear her version of this song. I am sure she will do an amazing job.

Arianna was on the Junior Eurovision stage in 2014 with The Peppermints representing San Marino.

Source: ESC Covers

Sephora Bonsfield performs ‘Crisalide (Vola)’ on Maratona Missjoni 2017 in Malta

Sephora Bonsfield {copyright: Copyright 2017 Maratona B'Risq il-Missjoni/XEJK TV Malta/Authors}
Sephora Bonsfield {copyright: Copyright 2017 Maratona B’Risq il-Missjoni/XEJK TV Malta/Authors}

Sephora Bonsfield is a charming young singer from Malta. She has just performed her version of Crisalide (Vola), the 2013 Eurovision song of San Marino by Valentina Monetta.

Sephora performed on a special charity show Maratona Missjoni 2017.

Sephora’s dream is to participate at the Eurovision Song Contest in the future. We will look out for her and also wish her success in future festivals both in Malta and abroad.

You can see Sephora’s performance below.

Source: ESC Covers

2016 Euro songs making the ESC top 250

31 of the 42 Eurovision entries have made the ESC top 250 which was revealed on New Year’s eve.
lets look at them
204 – Malta
203 – Belarus
171 – Serbia
168 – Slovenia
166 – Ireland
148 – San Marino
146 – Italy
143 – Lithuania
142 – Germany
140 – Israel
135 – Azerbaijan
099 – Belgium
094 – Hungary
078 – Czech republic
076 – Croatia
058 – United Kingdom
056 – Latvia
053 – Netherlands
050 – Sweden
049 – Austria
048 – Iceland
045 – Denmark
043 – Estonia
033 – Spain
031 – Armenia
027 – Poland
015 – Australia
012 – France
006 – Bulgaria
004 – Ukraine
003 – Russia