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Carolina, the extremely talented artist from Peru has designed all the Euro friends. Now she is on board to design the Afri friends. We can now reveal the first AFRI FRIEND – that of Rabat – and we are introduced to Rabat euro friend’s twin brother Rabat afri friend.

Rabat Lil Africafriend
Country that represents: Morocco
Gender: Male
Birthday: November 18
Eurovision Land counterpart friend: Rabat Lil Eurofriend
You’ll never knew that there’s two identical twin brother friends called Rabat. One is a shy and soft-spoken Lil Eurofriend while AfrimusicVille’s Rabat has a lot of self-confidence from head to toe and eager to show his feelings to others in a snap!
This lil Africafriend might look the same as his Eurovision Land counterpart and at the same time identical twin brother, but you have to look deeper and differentiate them by their hair and shirt colours, powers and personalities!
His spontaneous personality can be the coolest in town, and he dreams to help his twin Rabat Lil Eurofriend to get out of his shell and learn to be a confident friend!



We think this is news many Eurovision fans have been waiting for. Just this morning, Afri music song contest got its first artist registration from MOROCCO – yes this country officially becomes the first to have taken part in the Eurovision song contest in 1980 with Samira Said and now has entered the Afri music song contest for African countries. Many fans love the song by Samira, so lets hope they will also like the song from Morocco for 2017.




Afric music song contest reached its first important milestone – to better the 7 countries who entered in the first Eurovision song contest in 1956 – as of this morning, we stand at entries from EIGHT countries. They are in order of entering:

1 – Rwanda

2 – Ghana

3 – South Africa

4 – Nigeria

5 – Senegal

6 – Gabon

7 – Benin

8 – Morocco

This is absolutely wonderful that we have especially received entries from the smaller countries.

Our next goal is to pass the 10 country mark.

1-eight is great