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Since Monday 28 September, the ESC COVERS website (with our partners Eurovision coverage, EuroVisionMusic, Destination Eurovision and the radio station x5 stereo) started promoting the COVER2COVER concept. It is not a competition anymore but a promotion platform and hopefully South African artists will send covers to us. The 3 entries we received, Helena, Anton and Marle, will be carried over to the coverage. Victor Bush is once again our model and he will be holding promo items, CD’s and bags of some of the entries from the Eurovision song contest. The forth one is of MOLDOVA 2018, MY LUCKY DAY of DoReDoS  with a promo CD package and bag. Cole van Dais and Pieter Kotze also covered My lucky day in a combination of Spanish and Afrikaans. We just reported yesterday on a brand new song and video from DoReDoS.




Ever since Roy of ESCCovers followed Eurovision from 1980 onwards, he was always able to find his favourite of the year either on a vinyl single (1980 to 1993) or on a CD single (1995 to 2017). Then came 2018 and his favourite was HIGHER GROUND of RASMUSSEN from Denmark but since there was no promo single, he decided then his favourite will be his number 2, MY LUCKY DAY from Moldova as he got that on a promo CD single. But now he has had HIGHER GROUND designed as a unique one only promo single by Stephan Herholdt and so Higher ground can again be officially his top song for 2018. He only made contact this week with Jonas Rasmussen and it is a pity – had he known him earlier, he would have had another copy made for him.