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9 September is a spring festival at St. Ursula’s school in Krugersdorp with a variety of artists performing there. It is sort of a charity event. The reason why we are writing about it, is because one of the artists is MARYNA (Booysen) a 20 year old singer who is currently busy doing two Eurovision covers and hopefully she will be able to perform them for the first time at this spring festival. The two songs are the 2016 entry from Macedonia – DONA of Kaliopi and the 2017 entry from Ukraine – TIME of O.Torvald. Both will be in Afrikaans. Maryna has already recorded another Kaliopi song, her 2012 song but Maryna sings this in English as Black and white. Hopefully lots of people will attend this festival.


Michelay covers Kaliopi’s Crno I Belo in Afrikaans language on her new album

Rise album cover - Michelay
Rise album cover – Michelay

Michelay is a new and talented star from South Africa. She is about to release her debut album entitled Rise. The album will feature a collection of songs that Michelay wrote herself plus some special covers and is produced by popular musician Johan Kelber. The album will feature a very unique version of Kaliopi‘s 2012 Eurovision entry Crno I Belo in the Afrikaans language and the title is Sy’s Net ‘n Mens.

The Rise album can currently be streamed from https://michelay.bandpage.com/ website but it will shortly be available on all digital platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Google Play.

For more information checkout Michelay’s official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Michelay-2031813020376244/?fref=ts . Here you can see her news and can be contacted for bookings, etc.

Source: ESC Covers

Poli Genova / Donny Montell / Kaliopi – The return!!

Today we saw the return of three previous participants. Poli Genova (Bulgaria), Donny Montell (Lithuania) and Kaliopi (FYR Macedonia) all graced the Eurovision stage again.

Here at ESC Covers we have differing opinions. Roy van der Merwe prefers the new songs by the said artists. However, I prefer the 2012 entries by Donny Montell (Love Is Blind) and Kaliopi (Crno I Belo). But Poli’s new song for 2016 is better than her previous attempt in Na inat in 2011.

Over to you readers…what do you think?



Kaliopi to sing ‘Dona’ for FYR Macedonia at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest

Kaliopi {copyright: MKRTV}
Kaliopi {copyright: MKRTV}

Kaliopi returns to the Eurovision stage in to represent FYR Macedonia again at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. This time she will perform Dona and is composed by Kaliopi and Romeo Grill. It will be performed in the Macedonian language.

Kaliopi represented FYR Macedonia at the 2012 Eurovision with Crno i Belo and was chosen in 1996 to sing Samo ti,  but the rules at that time were different to today and FYR Macedonia did not make it through a special qualifying competition for the final that year at Eurovision.

The official video for Dona has been presented and you can see that below.

A busy week in the world of Eurovision

Eurovision Song Contest 2016 {copyright: EBU/www.eurovision.tv}
Eurovision Song Contest 2016 {copyright: EBU/www.eurovision.tv}

This week has seen a lot of activity in the world of the Eurovision Song Contest. The EBU have confirmed there will be 43 nations competing in the 2016 event in Stockholm. We see the return of Australia, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Ukraine.

  • Germany confirmed the withdrawal of their offer to Xavier Naidoo to represent them in Sweden.
  • FYR Macedonia confirm that Kaliopi will once again represent them at Eurovision.
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina will be represented by Dalal Midhat Talakić, Fuad Backović-Deen and Ana Rucner. Deen represented his country in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest in Turkey.

Source: www.eurovision.tv