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The WIMBO MUSIC AND VIDEO AWARDS took place yearly in the Ukraine. 2020 was the first year ESC Covers started also taking part with entries from South Africa. During December people could vote and there were 22 categories. In category 18 NADINE from South Africa won over several Eurovision artists like Luca Hanni, Ani Lorak, Victoria and Emmelie de Forest.

Nádine This Time I Know It’s For Real South Africa 10 1
Luca Hänni Diamond Switzerland 9 2
Ani Lorak Tvoyej lyubimoy Ukraine 7 3
Dotter Bulletproof Sweden 5
VICTORIA alright Bulgaria 5
Emmelie de Forest Drunk tonight Denmark 3
Pablo Alborán & Ava Max Taboo Spain / USA 2
Sievert YATL Russia 1

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We got the following press release from Warner Music, Sweden.

DOTTER broke through big at this year’s Melodifestivalen where she participated with the song “Bulletproof”. She was praised and loved by both the media and the Swedish people and ended up in a second place. “Bulletproof” was for a long time the highest of all mello songs on Spotify and was ranked # 1 on the radio list most of the spring. Now it’s time to follow up on the success, today the song ” Backfire ” is released!

 Backfire” is about bad karma, if you do something bad then you hit it back on yourself. In this case, it’s not about taking action when someone else is trying to push one down. The song is about being strong and showing oneself love and respect, daring to put one’s best first in order to avoid being depressed by people who want a bad one.

– I wrote the song together with my guy Dino, Johanna says. We wrote it on an acoustic guitar for a quarter – the body itself and all the tunes came very fast. Then I sat down a bit and worked on the text, that’s usually how my texts come about. I had been carrying on a heavy tackle for a year that I needed to write about, so the text for “Backfire” was very obvious and direct to me.

Listen to “Backfire”.

On June 12, the music video will be released to the song.