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The WIMBO MUSIC AND VIDEO AWARDS took place yearly in the Ukraine. 2020 was the first year ESC Covers started also taking part with entries from South Africa. During December people could vote and there were 22 categories. In category 18 NADINE from South Africa won over several Eurovision artists like Luca Hanni, Ani Lorak, Victoria and Emmelie de Forest.

Nádine This Time I Know It’s For Real South Africa 10 1
Luca Hänni Diamond Switzerland 9 2
Ani Lorak Tvoyej lyubimoy Ukraine 7 3
Dotter Bulletproof Sweden 5
VICTORIA alright Bulgaria 5
Emmelie de Forest Drunk tonight Denmark 3
Pablo Alborán & Ava Max Taboo Spain / USA 2
Sievert YATL Russia 1

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Svetlana Agarval to represent Belarus at the 2020 Türkvizyon Song Contest

svet2 sveeta

Svetlana Agarval will represent Belarus at the 2020 Türkvizyon Song Contest online contest in December. The the title of her song is Meni Anla (Understand me). It will be performed in the Azerbaijani language.

Meni Anla is composed by Gunesh (who has taken part in several Belarussian Eurovision national selections).

Svetlana was originally chosen to represent Belarus at the 2017 Türkvizyon contest but the festival did not take place for some reason and this year the competition has been revived. So finally Svetlana will get to showcase her unique talents on an international platform.

Svetlana is a talented singer and she is unique because she sings with an Indian style with exotic rhythms. Her music is contemporary and with a Bollywood style influence. She is very popular to Belarussian audiences. She has taken part in top festivals such as the 2011 Slavianski Bazaar and the Eastern Bazaar in Yalta, Crimea in 2012.

Svetlana has released several successful music videos and her latest song, Kak ty bez menya (How are you without me?), you can hear below.

ESC Covers will bring you more about Svetlana’s song, Meni Anla, when the track is available.

Source: ESC Covers; @svetlana_agarval


2019 New Wave festival taking place now in Russia

New Wave festival logo
New Wave festival logo

The 2019 New Wave festival is currently taking place in Sochi, Russia. It is a festival that takes place over six days but there are three days of competition that begin today.

The 2019 New Wave contestants are –

  • Inis Neziri (Albania)
  • Iliana Sanchez (Chile)
  • Buranov (Russia)
  • Anna Maria (Ukraine)
  • Aisel (Azerbaijan)
  • Radio Trio (Latvia)
  • Davinchi (Russia)
  • Victor Balan (Moldova)
  • Tyom (Armenia)
  • Thomas Grazioso (Italy)
  • Taras (Ukraine)
  • Sandro Nicholas (USA)
  • Juan Ricondo (Spain)

n1 n2 n3

Some readers will recognise Aisel, who represented Azerbaijan at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, and also Inis Neziri from Festivali i Këngës in Albania and the duo Anna Maria from the Ukraine Vidbir national selection.

Many Eurovision acts have been involved over the years including DoReMis (Moldova), Jamala (Ukraine) and Demy (Greece). Filip Kirkorov and Sergey Lazarev from Russia have also performed and sometimes are involved in the judging side of events.

ESC Covers will be bring you more news and videos about New Wave as the competition progresses.

New Wave can be viewed on Russia-1 (RTR Planeta) channel from 20:00 (CET) and also live streaming from the official website

Source: ESC Covers;