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We got a surprise new CD today – it is called KOSMIES and is by a new group called TUSSEN STERRE (among stars). The group has three members – Jan-Mattys van Lill SJ van Dyk and Martin Clifford Earle. The name Jan-Mattys may sound familiar to some – he has covered two Euro songs in the past – Russia 2008 – Believe of Dima Bilan which he calls DIE LEWE BEGIN VAN VOORAF and Belarus 2012 – We are the heroes of Litesound which he calls VEG TOT DIE EINDE. On their CD is a song called VIR EWIG ‘N GOEIE TYD (For always a good time) and a video has been made of it. They have just entered it for the San Marino selection but it has not been loaded as yet.