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Belarus’ Eurovision broadcaster BTRC has been expelled from the European Broadcasting Union. This rules out a Belarusian participation in Italy 2022 and makes Belarus’ return to the Eurovision Song contest and the Junior Eurovision Song contest extremely unlikely.
Let’s take a look at what Belarus has brought to the Eurovision Song Contest since 2004.

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One of the posts we lost yesterday and which we now re-do, is about the sad news of the death of DIRK LAZENBY from complications of Covid 19.

Dirk was a singer from Cape Town. He covered in 2017 two Eurovision songs for ESC Covers, one of them is the 2012 Eurovision entry from BELARUS.

The original song is WE ARE THE HEROES by LITESOUND. Dirk’s Afrikaans cover is called EK WIL JOU HELD WEES.

Barry Tsai of ESC Covers is busy revamping the  YouTube Channel and he did a video for us of Dirk’s cover.

Vasya Boykova and her support for Belarus with ‘My Hieroi’

Vasya Boykova
Vasya Boykova

Vasya Boykova has recorded My Hieroi (We Are The Heroes) in support and solidarity of the people with the current situation of protests in Belarus. The song is a cover of the Litesound anthemic Eurovision hit, We Are The Heroes, from 2012.

Vasya is from Ukraine and she took part with many people in a day of action in Kiev support of their Belarussian neighbours.

Vasya has a nice and clear vocal and she has recorded several quality covers of songs including covers of three songs from the 2020 Eurovision – Fall From The Sky (Albania), Empires (Poland) and Fai rumore (Italy).

Italian songs are also a speciality for Vasya. She recently recorded Meraviglioso amore mio by Arisa and the evergreen Ti Amo by Umberto Tozzi.

You can listen to more of Vasya’s songs at her YouTube channel – (1) Vasya & Nina Boykova – YouTube

Check out My Hieroi, Ti Amo and Meraviglioso amore mio below.

Source: ESC Covers


Underneath press release from Dima, the lead singer of the 2012 Belorussian  Eurovision group Litesound in regards to their new song which was released connected to the presidential elections. AS we got the press release only today, the elections took place yesterday and the results are known with the current president winning with 80% of the vote. ESC Covers are giving our support to the people of Belarus.
Human right violation during the Belorussian election process forced Eurovision 2012 contestants Litesound to record a song that appeal to the people of BelarusEverything has its own cycle, events tend to repeat and different generations experience the same feelings. As a proof of this there is a stunning Belorussian poem “To the Belarusian people”, written by Yakub Kolas exactly 100 years ago with its heart touching piercingness. This, along with the evidences of human rights violation during the election process taking place in modern Belarus, inspired Litesound band to record a manifesto song addressed to the Belarusian people at this difficult hour for our country.

Today Litesound say to the world that people of Belarus are willing to be freeLitesound’s leader Dmitry Karakin says: «Since I was born, I had gained a belief in goodness, a craving for freedom and equality, and a burning sense of injustice that forced me to stand up for the weak, even if it was a tough price to pay for it.

But I know what honor is, and that it cannot be sold in a face of fear. I know what it means to live without deception and conscientiously.
This summer of 2020 put everything into place. I had to grow up mentally and look critically at the еhings that seemed unimportant to me or did not concern me before.
Today is a terrible hour. Each of us is aware of this and understands that in the face of merciless force we can only withstand being single wall – each for all, and all for each! With us are those who have not betrayed their conscience, who believe in the ideals of freedom and democracy. With us are those who can commit compassion, empathize, sympathize.
And we are in the majority! We believe that we ourselves are the blacksmiths of our will and freedom! Freedom of our native land, Belarus!
The great Belarusian writer and poet Yakub Kolas felt the same feelings as we do exactly 100 years ago. The people, under the yoke of invaders and strangers, longed for freedom and independence from their oppressors. And the lines of his poems was making me weep, looking at the horrible composure and cruelty with which the Belarusian authorities deal with us and our will!
And today the unbroken spirit of the people, the unshakable courage of three women Svetlana Tikhonovskaya, Veronica Zepkalo and Maria Kolesnikova heroically fighting for us and for their loved ones, has breathed into us a feeling of majestic reverence and patriotism!
It was all this that gave us inspiration of inconceivable power, which we want to share in our new song, written to the piercing poems of Yakub Kolas To Belarusians People!»
Listen and share this wonderful job made by Litesoundhttps://youtu.be/SE2p5iJBcTs



We got a surprise new CD today – it is called KOSMIES and is by a new group called TUSSEN STERRE (among stars). The group has three members – Jan-Mattys van Lill SJ van Dyk and Martin Clifford Earle. The name Jan-Mattys may sound familiar to some – he has covered two Euro songs in the past – Russia 2008 – Believe of Dima Bilan which he calls DIE LEWE BEGIN VAN VOORAF and Belarus 2012 – We are the heroes of Litesound which he calls VEG TOT DIE EINDE. On their CD is a song called VIR EWIG ‘N GOEIE TYD (For always a good time) and a video has been made of it. They have just entered it for the San Marino selection but it has not been loaded as yet.