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Rebecca Mikaelsson, a graphic designer of Stockholm, Sweden has designed a new cover for the Afrikaans version of Thank you for the music – Dankie vir die music. Due to this extra cover, a few more copies of the promo single becomes available for fans to win. Obviously Rebecca herself will get a copy as she has designed this beautiful bright and colourful cover.



Because I have time today, I will also introduce our third competition. This is open to EACH AND EVERY EUROVISION fan, not just R O W members.

The competition is about DANKIE VIR DIE WOORDE (thank you for the words). It is an AFRIKAANS cover of the ABBA song THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC. Nedine Blom, a South African singer and also R O W member wrote the lyrics and recorded it as a tribute to ABBA and the museum. There are only a few copies, of which one will go to the museum, one of obviously for me, and then a few to be won by fans. You will have to comment on this post as follows: over the years many Eurovision entries consisted of just ONE word, several winners like WATERLOO and HEROES. Now you have to think about your most loved ONE WORD title of a Eurovision entry and give a short reason why you like that one word. Winners will be announced before Stockholm and if the winners are there, they will get it there, others will be posted.