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Here is the track listing of the first Malta compilation CD

01 – Angel – Chiara covered in English as Angel by Amor Vittone

02 – Angel -Chiara covered in Afrikaans as Engel by Tobi Jooste

03 – The one that I love – Chiara covered in Afrikaans as Helder skyn die maan by Nedine Blom

04 – I do – Fabrizio covered in Afrikaans as Vergewe my weer by Hi 5

05 – I do – Fabrizio covered in Afrikaans as I do by Tobi Jooste

06 – I do – Fabrizio covered in English as I do by Tobi Jooste

07 – Another summer night – Fabrizio Faniello covered in Afrikaans as Ons somersaand by Dominec

08 – What if we – Chiara covered in Afrikaans as Vandag by Lee Scott

09 – My dream – Thea Garrett covered in Afrikaans as My droom by Steven Sterling


To coincide with ESC Covers going to Malta for the 2016 Eurovision song contest, we will look at a few of the Eurovision songs from Malta that had been covered in South Africa. Unfortunately no Junior Eurovision song from Malta has been covered. The first in the series is the 1998 Maltese entry THE ONE THAT I LOVE from Chiara.

Nedine Blom covered it as HELDER SKYN DIE MAAN (Bright shines the moon).

Nedine is one of just 2 South African singers who have covered Junior Eurovision songs – her one was a Latvian entry



Rebecca Mikaelsson, a graphic designer of Stockholm, Sweden has designed a new cover for the Afrikaans version of Thank you for the music – Dankie vir die music. Due to this extra cover, a few more copies of the promo single becomes available for fans to win. Obviously Rebecca herself will get a copy as she has designed this beautiful bright and colourful cover.



Because I have time today, I will also introduce our third competition. This is open to EACH AND EVERY EUROVISION fan, not just R O W members.

The competition is about DANKIE VIR DIE WOORDE (thank you for the words). It is an AFRIKAANS cover of the ABBA song THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC. Nedine Blom, a South African singer and also R O W member wrote the lyrics and recorded it as a tribute to ABBA and the museum. There are only a few copies, of which one will go to the museum, one of obviously for me, and then a few to be won by fans. You will have to comment on this post as follows: over the years many Eurovision entries consisted of just ONE word, several winners like WATERLOO and HEROES. Now you have to think about your most loved ONE WORD title of a Eurovision entry and give a short reason why you like that one word. Winners will be announced before Stockholm and if the winners are there, they will get it there, others will be posted.