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The 7th competition in our ten part series involves again something to do with ABBA. In 1969 Bjorn and Benny released a song in Swedish called HEJ GAMLE MAN which became quite a big hit. I only heard the song for the first time in 1996 and loved it from the first minute and I always wanted it to be covered. Steven Sterling did it, both in English and in Afrikaans.

The Afrikaans title is KLEIN PIK SOENTJIES (Small cheek kisses) and the English title is SHOW ME THE WAY.

A copy of this will be handed to the ABBA museum but we have two copies for Bjorn and Benny fans.

The question is – if Bjorn and Benny ask you for which 2016 artist should they compose a song, who will you suggest and why?

Please put your answers as a comment to this post.

1-hey gamble


From tomorrow the composer page will split into THREE, one for RALPH SIEGEL, one for BERND MEINUNGER and one for BJORN & BENNY. These three have written so many songs that to have all 3 on one page becomes a little bulky. Only these 3 will be worked on prior to Vienna and after Vienna in the quiet Eurovision period, I will start on other composers, notable those from Sweden. As you can understand, this is a long term project and it is not something that can be done overnight. But it is such fun for me, today I entered some Bjorn and Benny songs in Czech and Slovak – so exotic. There are also 12 of so by SUCHI KIDS, sung in Dutch.


The idea is that as many of the Eurovision composers will be listed in our library but as you can imagine, this is a huge task. Big progress has been made with that of RALPH SIEGEL and BERND MEININGER and I plan to so do BJORN & BENNY before Vienna. All others will only be looked at after the 2015 Eurovision and will work on it during the low season of Eurovision in June, July and August.