Nicole Hammett performs unique version of ‘Flower Of The South’ at Maratona Volleyball 2018 event in Malta

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Nicole Hammett gave a charming and unique performance of the song Flower Of The South at the Maratona Volleyball 2018 event in Malta. She performed with the Malta Police Band and Nicole only had two days to learn the song.

Flower Of The South was the 2007 Slovenia Eurovision entry by Alenka Gotar. The song was perfect for Nicole’s distinctive and special operatic voice. She did an amazing job to adapt her vocals to the pop/opera song with the brass band orchestra of the Malta Police Band. Nicole is particularly grateful for the help given by Maestro Superintendent Anthony Cassar for giving her this opportunity.

Nicole is an emerging big talent from Malta and can adapt her voice easily from opera to pop and rock. She recorded a beautiful version of the 2018 Estonian Eurovision entry La Forza by Elina Nechayeva and filmed a special video clip to accompany the song. Elena herself gave great praise to Nicole’s interpretation and vocal performance and of course the excellent and delightful music video.

Nicole would also like to say thank you to her vocal coaches Danica Muscat, Joshua Alamu and Joseph Chircop, Harmonic Ensemble Mosta and also Ritienne Azzopardi, Debbie from Twenty Two for her dress, and Clint Galea.  Also, to Nigel Mifsud for the video editing.

You can see Nicole’s performance with the Malta Police Band of Flower Of The South below.

Source: ESC Covers

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