Listen to Pasha Parfeni x Nicoleta Nucă with ‘Lasă-Mă’


Pasha Parfeni x Nicoleta Nucă  have a released a brand new song Lasă-Mă (Let me). It is a very radio friendly and catchy upbeat song with a strong production.

Lasă-Mă is composed by Pasha Parfeni, Fox Banger and Vica Demici. The production is by Fox Banger and Pasha Parfeni. The mixing and mastering is by Valentin Voluta.

Pasha represented Moldova at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest with Lăutar. He was back at Eurovision in 2013 as a composer for Aliona Moon and her song O Mie.

Nicoleta is also from Moldova and has had several hit songs and music videos in Romania and Moldova.

You can see the official music video for Lasă-Mă below.

Source: ESC Covers




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