ESC COVERS started to look at 1 or 2 highlights from every Eurovision song contest from 1970 to 2023. This may be an actual entry, a cover from that year or just a specific artist.

Today it is 1978. The contest took place in Paris on the 22nd of April. Denmark returned to the contest after an eleven year absence and Turkey also returned following a two year lay off. This brought the number of participants to 20, an all time high at the time.

The Spanish super duo BACCARA (fresh from hits such as Yes sir I can boogie and Sorry I’m a lady) participated for Luxembourg.

Norway had JAHN TEIGEN who came last with zero points but the Norwegian public rushed out in thousands to buy the single and turned Jahn into a superstar.

ISRAEL won the contest with A-BA-NI-BI by Izhar Cohen & the Alphabeta. The single was also released in South Africa.

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