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2021 TOP 100 EUROVISION SONGS – positions 100 to 91

No fewer than 171 people from 46 different countries have sent us a top 10. We are very happy with this great interest and would like to thank everyone who sent us a TOP 10! From today it’s time to reveal the 100 most mentioned songs, starting with numbers 91 – 100!

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Originally planned to do this series over a month or two, but it takes a lot of time. INFE Australia, INFE Ireland and INFE South Africa teamed up to pick their favourite Eurovision entry involving a MALE SINGER from each country that have participated in the Eurovision song contest.

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Hadise returns with ‘Geliyorum Yanına’

Hadise from the music video of 'Geliyorum Yanına'
Hadise from the music video of ‘Geliyorum Yanına’

Hadise is back with a summer banger! The song is called Geliyorum Yanına (I’m coming to you). It is a real upbeat and feelgood track with a pulsating beat and production.

Geliyorum Yanına is composed by Gülşen.

It was in 2009 that Hadise represented Turkey at the Eurovision Song Contest with Dum Tek Tek.

You can see the video clip for Geliyorum Yanına below.

Source: ESC Covers

Ajda Pekkan releases new single ‘Canın Sağ Olsun’

AjdaPekkan @Ozinga & DMC
AjdaPekkan {copyright@Ozinga & DMC}

Ajda Pekkan has released a brand new single entitled Canın Sağ Olsun (No problem). It is an upbeat song with a strong rhythm and beat.

Canın Sağ Olsun is composed by Sinan Akçıl.

Ajda Pekkan represented Turkey at the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest with Petr’oil.

You can see the music video for Canın Sağ Olsun below. The track is released on Ozinga & DMC label.

Source: ESC Covers