Emmy releases ‘Some Say’ as her new single

Emmy has released the song Some Say. It is a cover of a track by Nea that Emmy has released after becoming a  big TikTok sensation by her singing the chorus with over 4 million views.

Some Say is composed by Nea, Hitimpulse, Bryn Christopher, Vincent Kottkamp and Eiffel 65.

Emmy took part in the Melodi Grand Prix 2021 in Norway with the popular, Witch Woods.

You can see Emmy performing Some Say below on TikTok and the full  song is available to stream or buy from digital platforms such as Spotify, Amazon, YouTube Music, Apple Music, iTunes and more.

Source: ESC Covers


Some Say 🤷‍♀️ warning: no autotune

♬ original sound – Emmykgk00

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