Norbert of ESC Dublin to Amsterdam informed ESC Covers today of the sad news that another Eurovision related person has died.

Anita Jean Grilli (October 13, 1927 – October 10, 2022), known professionally as Anita Kerr, was an American singer, arranger, composer, conductor, pianist, and music producer. She recorded and performed with her vocal harmony groups in Nashville, Los Angeles, and Europe.
In 1985, Anita Kerr conducted her own composition Piano Piano as the Swiss entry for the 1985 Eurovision Song Contest in Göteborg, Sweden. There she earned her rank as the third female conductor in Eurovision history since the debut of two female conductors at the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest, these being Monica Dominique for Sweden and Nurit Hirsh for Israel.
Anita Kerr died on October 10, 2022 in Carouge, Geneva, Switzerland at the age of 94.

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