Morten Thomassen today writes over the 2010 Eurovision song  contest that was held in Oslo, Norway. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

Then we are going to the last time the international final was held in Norway.

While the German winner was a fairly straightforward pop song, it was Turkish rock that was to conquer second place.

However, there were a total of 76 points up to the winning lady from Germany, so the maNga group was probably satisfied with the place they got.

For down to third place, only 8 points separated and once again it was the people’s vote that took one country to second place.

The juries thought that the song “We could be the same” only deserved an 8th place, while the people had it in the place where it ended up in second place.

Unfortunately for those who like Turkish music, this country has lost interest in participating and this year we “celebrate” the boring anniversary that it’s been 10 years since they last participated and it doesn’t seem like they have any plans to return.

So the possibility of seeing maNga again on an ESC stage is unfortunately quite small, but as a band they are still very active and I would like to believe that if you go to Turkey they will probably still hold concerts.

Why else would they have stayed together for over 21 years, the group was actually started already in 2001.

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