Morten Thomassen started a new series today about songs that ended in second place since 1975. ESC Covers has again decided to use his articles and Google translate them from Norwegian to English.

I thought I would use this autumn to focus on the songs that were closest to victory, but in other words the ones that came in second place.

Focusing on the songs from 1975 onwards as they have been voted on using the same points system, however as we know double the number of votes have been awarded since 2016.

I have chosen to create an order based on how many points second place was from winning and starting today with whoever was furthest away in terms of points.

Even with double the number of points awarded since 2016, it is actually Alexander Rybak who still holds the title as the most superior winner in terms of points.

A total of 169 points were down to Iceland’s Yohanna, who came up with what probably didn’t feel like a very sour second place.

For that, the victory was far too superior and for me personally, who had this song at the top, it was great that it came in second place.

For me, it was the tension I felt during the vote, that Norway was going to win was probably clear quite early in the vote.

And who do you think is waving the Icelandic flag at the end of the video, none other than myself.

The song “Is It True” fought a hard battle on the Azerbaijani song to capture this country’s other second place.

Most people agree that the only fault with this song is that it entered in 2009, in most other years it would probably have won quite easily.

The song, like the Norwegian winning song, became a hit in a number of countries, since then we probably haven’t heard much from Yohanna.

Her real name is Johanna Gudrun Jonsdottir and she released her first album as a 9-year-old.

She has released 5 records, 2 of which are Christmas albums and otherwise she lived in Kongsvinger for a few years to get closer to the European continent.

Certainly nice to know for people from there that it is considered exactly that.

Yohanna has tried twice more in the Icelandic final without going all the way, but her song from 2011 “Nott” took part in the MGP clubs’ own international final and won there.

One can hope that the mother of two has not given up her dream of winning the ESC and will return soon, after all she is only 31 years old.

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