Morten Thomassen today is looking at the 1994 Eurovision song contest where a couple of countries debuted and one of them actually finished in second place. ESC Covers again translated from Norwegian to English via Google.

Today we are going to the first international final I was present at outside the Nordic countries.

Dublin was the place, our Irish friends won at home and that with the clearest victory of all the 7 victories they have had.

Polish Edyta Gorniak was a full 60 points short of capturing victories, but she can still adorn herself with the best Polish position in our beloved competition.

There is little doubt that this year’s juries were impressed by her outstanding voice and the fact that she sang a bit of her song in English at the last dress rehearsal.

And that was the dress rehearsal the juries got to watch before they had to judge during the final itself.

There was a bit of an uproar and if young Miss Gorniak had won with the song “To Ni Ja” the victory would possibly have been in jeopardy.

But, since she finished in second place, only 6 countries complained about this and according to the rules, 13 more countries were needed before a disqualification would have taken place.

In any case, it was a bad debut for this country, who had 38 points down to third place, so they deserved this place.

Edyta has really tried hard to become an international star, but apart from some success in some countries, it is mostly in her home country that she has wreaked havoc musically.

However, when she tried again in the Polish final in 2016, she came in second place and then it’s a question of whether she’ll bother to try more times, but this country has only had 2 top-ten finishes after the silver place on the first attempt, so who know?

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