Morten Thomassen today is focusing on 1975 when the Shadows almost won the Eurovision song contest for the United Kingdom. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

The 70s were a heyday in ESC for our British friends.

Several of these years it had a national final where the same famous artist sang all the songs and then the most popular was sent off to Europe and in 1975 it was actually postcard votes that were the thing.

The group The Shadows were basically not unknown in the ESC territory all the time some of the members had been a backing band for Cliff Richard back in 1973.

In 1975 they stood on their own two feet and actually climbed one step up on the podium when they came on the embarrassing second place 14 points behind the Netherlands.

Down to Italy in third place, it was a reassuring 23 points, so the silver was ready as steel, one might say.

“Let Me Be The One” they sang and even though this song did not win, they had a number of big hits already from the time they started in 1958.

The 60s were their absolute heyday, however, after a few years’ break at the beginning of the 70s, they started up again and lasted throughout the 80s.

But, being part of The Shadows is obviously so much fun that in 2004 it was on again and then they kept on well until 2016.

The last time they played together was in 2020 when they celebrated the 60th anniversary of the hit- the song Apache and thus it can be assumed that an ESC comeback is out of the question, I think, the British want something a little younger.

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