Morten Thomassen watched the Swedish 2023 Eurovision final last night and  reported as follows. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

Everybody was finally ready for the Swedish final, the national final with the greatest interest in the entire ESC universe, perhaps not so surprising, SVT knows how to treat its golden calf well.

The carnival opening was perhaps the coolest opening we’ve seen, we’re betting that the rest of the program will be better and it’s very nice that they get started with the songs straight away.

Melody 1 – Fjällgren & Arc North 

The song has a promising start, but pretty soon it collapses and becomes a hybrid of a slightly indeterminate kind. This by low-cost KEiiNO, you ask me, and I wonder a bit what they could do with the same song. For me, this becomes far too messy and even the vocals become too low to be judged properly.


Melody 2 – Tone Sekelius 

Latino rhythms conquered the podium in last year’s ESC, but it is questionable whether Swedish Latino feels as intense. In my opinion, it doesn’t really do that, it doesn’t help with a lot of charm, this isn’t as intense as Swedish ice cream, I’m afraid. So it doesn’t feel quite real, but I give one plus point for good vocals mostly then.


Melody 3 – Mariette 

A slightly melancholic background in the song gives hope for something good and really there is not much to complain about what happens on stage. It builds up well and is sung well and I also feel that the strength of the song comes across well in the performance on stage. But, despite all the bragging, there is something bland about this too that drags me down, I am not moved enough by this.


Melody 4 – Marcus & Martinus 

Some are obviously a little nervous on stage. However, it quickly disappears and we get a very nice number by two guys who struggle a bit to charm, but then their song is not of the charm type. Good vocals and I’m pretty sure they get the best placement a “foreigner” has ever received in Mello.


Melody 5 – Panetoz 

Finally we got a real summer song that gives me real summer vibes. Five handsome guys who can charm and sing well at the same time. They make a really colorful party on stage and if I have to complain about anyone, it’s actually that they bring a couple of female dancers on stage. They seem a bit unnecessary in this performance.


Melody 6 – Maria Sur 

To the extent that Melodifestivalen has any weaknesses, the strongest is probably that many of the entries are so unoriginal, you’ve heard the songs before. And in the final, this song is probably one of the worst examples. When the vocals are also a little shaky and nervous, it doesn’t make the impression any better, I’m afraid. Very forgettable this given.


Tune 7 – Smash Into Pieces 

Finally some music that tears a little in the ear canals and is super tough in so many ways. Lovely rock voice that fits like a glove with this type of music and artists on stage who actually stand there very often and play music for real and not from a soundtrack. Imagine if those voting tonight were in a rock mood.


Melody 8 – Kiana 

Then we will be treated to typical hit music, of which there are about 17 of the dozen. The girl is said to have improved vocally during her Mello run, but she still has a ways to go to say so. When she also lacks the kind of charm such a song requires, this also becomes a forgettable song.


Melody 9 – Nordman 

What have two well-grown men to do in this circus. Certainly a lot, but it would have been very nice if they could have pulled something more original out of their back pocket than what they serve us. Great and strong vocals, but you also don’t escape the feeling that this is someone I’ve heard before. Gets plus points for good empathy in the performance.


Melody 10 – Loreen 

This is simply a musical and visual masterpiece. I just love the rawness in the voice that fits so perfectly with the rawness that this song has in it. I almost don’t think there are enough superlatives to describe what I see on this stage, magic first class.


Melody 11 – THEOZ 

A thankless job to have this starting number this year. Fortunately, the artist does not allow himself to be affected by this and in terms of vocals and performance there is probably not too much to draw here. But, once again, I feel that the people who wrote the song have not spent an awful lot of brain cells to come up with something new here. It will be forgettable then.


Melody 12 – Paul Rey 

Here the messy vocals start and when the song is also of the slightly fussy kind, it becomes a musical train that I don’t hesitate to get on board. The artist has a good dose of charm and visually it’s a nice show. But, a bit strange that this song was chosen to end the final, it didn’t have such good quality.


Is it possible to suggest to SVT that NRK give them a course in good program management. This year’s version of these in Sweden is more tiring than good and I hope they tackle this next year. And the fun of showing that a few composers are behind most of the songs perhaps shows why I feel that a little too many of the songs become forgettable. Maybe some of them should be denied entry for a year? However, all you need is a super song in a national final and it can do the trick in ESC.

Eight international juries will give their verdict, will they be as unanimous as when Loreen last won?

Croatia gives a surprising 12 points to THEOZ.

Austria gives Loreen the full pot, so did Latvia.

Not surprised, Belgium follow up with their top score to Loreen and so does Malta.

Australia sends its far-traveling top scorer to none other than Loreen.

The German jury does not let Loreen down either and the Spanish jury is on the same team.

Then Loreen leads with 21 points before the Swedish people have their say and it is our Norwegian hope Marcus and Martinus who are closest. This is going well, isn’t it?

The Swedes never fail in the break feature, here comes the good old Mello striker of the best kind.

But, it’s really just the votes from the audience that we’re waiting for and it’s time for the excitement to be unleashed.

And very little unexpectedly, Loreen won, after all, this was not exciting at all and now the question is whether SVT does not have to change the budget plans for 2024.

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