Morten Thomassen has reached position 2 in his review of the 40 songs from the 2022 Eurovision song contest. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

This year’s podium was characterized by sympathy and revenge.

Because in the same way as Spain, our British friends finally got to taste the feeling of being on the famous podium and almost at the top.

And there is a possibility that this particular position meant that, due to the circumstances, they get to host next year.

This country has been accused of screwing up a bit throughout the competition or has even blamed everyone else for not liking them anymore.

Well it would take a fellow with Viking looks and a voice Viking gods would have loved to change that.

Sam Ryder showed the whole world that with a good song, a particularly good voice and, not least, the right attitude, you can go far.

Throw into the mix a charm and an artist who with all his might showed us that this particular stage he loved to stand on.

To be honest, the song is not a masterpiece in my opinion and if it had been performed by an ordinary artist it would probably have ended up near the bottom.

Our friends from the British Isles have been near the bottom for many years now, most recently last year they were last with zero points.

Then they must have felt good to get a whopping 466 points, of which the jury gave the song “Space Man” exactly 100 points more than the public.

Now the people were anxiously waiting for which British city next year’s party will be held in, one can only hope we don’t have to wait too long in excitement to find out.

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