Azerbaijan Press Conference

Chingiz gave the second press conference for Azerbaijan at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. He was helped with the questions by the Head of Delegation for Azerbaijan, Husniye Maharramova, because Chingiz does not speak English. The biggest applause and reaction was when Chingiz played Bamboleo, the popular Spanish song, in the style of the Gypsy […]

Azerbaijan: Chingiz introduces his stage team for Tel Aviv

┬áChingiz will soon represent Azerbaijan at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with his upbeat song Truth. The team that will be with him on the stage in Tel Aviv has been announced. Chingiz will be joined by five backing vocalists. Some have an experience of the Eurovision stage. They are Pernille Leeloo (from the 2019 […]


Ida Andia continues her predictions of the 18 songs in semi final 2 of the 2019 Eurovision song contest and today she looks as AZERBAIJAN. After a non-qualification in 2018, Azerbaijan comes with a great song. “Truth”, performed by Chingiz, is a modern one, so innovative, with a great vibe. I am addicted to this. […]


AZERBAIJAN is bringing CHINGIZ to the 2019 Eurovision and he will sing a song called TRUTH.