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Much success already for 16 years old Greta Doveri

Greta Doveri
Greta Doveri {copyright: Greta Doveri}

Greta Doveri was part of the Peppermints group that represented San Marino in the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song Breaking My Heart. Greta is now a solo artist and is achieved a lot of success already at 16 years old. She is also a talented musician and play the electric guitar and piano. As a vocalist she has a talent for Soul, Blues, Jazz (scat) and even opera singing.

She has an impressive list of achievements including first prize at Oltrevoce Pontedera (2011), San Genesio (2011), Internazionale Tour Music Fest Piper Roma (2011), Cantabimbo Italia Giuria (2012), Stasera Canto Io (2012), Canta Beach (2012), Talent Busters 2013 (televisione: TVL e tour notti bianche), Grand Prix Sanremo Junior National (Casinò Sanremo) 2014, Fornaci in Canto (2014), Bibbona in Musica (2014), 23° Festivalmare Dicembre 2015 (borsa di studio + ospite in vari eventi), Una Canzone dal Cuore, Città di Scandicci Concorso Internazionale (2016).

Greta was also proud to take to the stage with the Peppermints at Notte Bianca Pontedera 2015 in Italy with Deborah Iurato and also Luca Barbarossa (1988 ESC Italy).

We will see if Greta will eventually take to the Eurovision stage again with Italy or even San Marino again in the future.

You can see Greta perform Io Domani at Da Serata Bigazzi below.

Source: ESC Covers




Greta & Sara from the Peppermints in 2015 Castrocaro festival in Italy

Greta Doveri & Sara Dall'Olio {copyright: Peppermints.eu/Facebook}
Greta Doveri & Sara Dall’Olio {copyright: Peppermints.eu/Facebook}

One of the most important music festivals in Italy after the San Remo competition is the Castrocaro festival. Greta Doveri and Sara Dall’Olio are members of the Peppermints who represented San Marino at the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Breaking My Heart.

Greta and Sara will participate as solo singers in the 2015 Castrocaro competition. They will perform two songs each. One will be an originally composed song and the other will be an Italian cover song.

The Peppermints have been busy recently performing at various festivals including Notte Bianca at Pontedera and the BIM Music Network events. Of course Anita represented San Marino at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest with Michele Perniola and their song Chain Of Lights.

We wish Greta and Sara both the best of luck and also look forward to hearing more from all the Peppermints soon. The Peppermints are Anita Simoncini, Arianna Ulivi, Greta Doveri, Raffaella Perniola and Sara Dall’Olio.

Source: www.facebook.com/thepeppermints.eu; www.esccovers.com