Sweden Songs publishing company have 10 songs in 2016 Eurovision selections

The music publisher, Sweden Songs, have an impressive 10 songs in contention in various national selections for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. At this time they have songs in the running in Lithuania, Moldova, Belarus and Austria.

4 Roses Butterfly (Calle Kindbom/Dan Fernström/Viktor Brunö) (split publishing with Yellow)
Baiba Skurstenė-Serdiukė Mayday (Daniel Persson/Magnus Mikaelsson)
Neringa Šiaudikytė  Never Knew Love (Tina A Hilli/Daniel Persson)
Ruslanas Kirilkinas In My World (Niklas Bergvist)  Lithuanian version lyrics
Aistė Pilvelytė  You Can’t Leave Me Now (Niklas Bergvist)
Beatrice Saved My Heart For You (Nicklas Säwström/Christian Löwenborg Wahlström)
Rafaella Hours Lost (Johan Wåhlander/Hannu Hemmilä/Hugo Lundgren)
Mihai Radu  I Walk Through Fire (Patrik Öhlund/Madelene Hamberg)
AUSTRIA (wildcard competition)
Celina Ann Life Is On Your Side (Niklas Bergqvist/Magnus Almgren/Celina Ann/ Valentin Oman)
Shir My Mind On You (Fredrik Hult/Bahman Ghanbari/Ina Forsberg) Artist  (split publishing with Firefly)
In 2015 Sweden Songs had 11 songs in various Eurovision national selection. They have also published songs for Eurovision acts such as Conchita Wurst (2 songs on her album), Ryan Dolan (ESC 2013 Ireland), Gianluca Bezzina (ESC 2013 Malta) and Farid Mammadov (ESC 2013 Azerbaijan) and many others.
Keith Almgren was a publisher  with Scandinavian Songs for Melodifestivalen winners Charlotte Nilsson (ESC 1999 Sweden winner) and Roger Pontare (ESC 2000 Sweden).
Source: www.esccovers.com

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