Mary & Levon Serobyan release a beautiful new instrumental called ‘Honesty’


Mary & Levon Serobyan have released a charming new instrumental song and video clip for Honesty. It has a delightful and relaxing melody and sister and brother, Mary and Levon, play beautifully.

Honesty is composed and produced by Armen Virabyan. The editing is courtesy of  E-man Studio (Emmanuel Pavlovich Hakopian).

The video tells a pleasing and heart warming story. A young girl is sitting on the street with a little basket and she is hoping for some money to survive and eat. A girl walks by and she is chatting on her phone and, without knowing it, she drops some money. The little girl sees the money but with a heart of gold she approaches the girl and tells her she dropped some money. This is true honesty! The older girl is very happy and hugs the little girl and rewards her by taking her to eat something.

The  video is produced by Armen Virabyan and the shooting and editing is by Robert Babayan.

Special mention to the cast Alina Adamyan, Sona Kerian, Ani Mnatsakanyan and Ina Mnatsakanyan.

Mary & Levon are not only talented musicians, they are good vocalists too. We will be hearing a lot more from them both together and as solo performers in the future.

You can see the video for Honesty below.

Thank you to ArmDreams for the this beautiful project.

Source: ESC Covers; ArmDreams


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