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Artist thoughts by Sofia Eurettefriend (Designed by Carolina Añazgo Leo):

“Hip, hip, Hooray! I’m Sofia and I love to brighten every friend’s day! I’m always here, and I bring a lot of happiness to my friends when they get rid of their own fear, that statement is sure to makes us cheer. About finding my result in Esc last year was a good effort of time, but Poli achieved it with “If love was a crime”, so much for me that I speak in rhyme!

Let’s learn about how Kristian is going to represent my country at this Eurovision, being born in the new millennium is a beautiful vision, No intermission, bringing another best result for Bulgaria is his mission. He might be shy, but he’s the youngest of this year’s Eurostars might be a good chance to qualify!”- By Sofia Eurettefriend

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Artist thoughts by Moscow Eurofriend (Designed by Carolina Añazgo Leo):

Hello to all my good-believing friends! I’m Moscow Eurofriend and making people believe in good things around the Song Contest is what I’m best known for! I love to create positive thoughts and feelings by looking the good qualities in every friend around. And even in the darkest hour, I help the other Eurofriends to believe in their hopes and dreams, everything we do for Eurovision can reached beyond the top of the scoreboard!

Yulia might be a wheelchair user since childhood, but she has the courage to sing beautiful songs that impressed crowds here, there in everywhere around Russia and she’s a very special Eurostar for me. Something friendmazing and good to believe it and you can agree with that! Looking foward what happens in May, there’s so many good things to believe in each song of this Eurovision!” – By Moscow Eurofriend



Artist and Song Announcement by San Marino Lil Eurofriend (Designed by Carolina Añazgo Leo):

“Hey, everyfriend! I’m San Marino, or Marino for short! And as the youngest of all Eurofriends in Eurovision Land, everyday is a new esc-perience to me. While, I’m still trying to do my best in a lot of things. From tying my shoes, blowing the BIGGEST bubble and even doing my best to bring a best result or victory for my small country in Eurovision, my innocent and bubbly attitude helps me and my pals to be in the right place for every friend I meet and there’s so much to try in the song contest.

I’m so esc-cited to meet my Eurostars. I saw what the other Eurofriends, specially my BIG brother Rome and BIG sister Valletta’s songs. They amused me. But, when you hear my song, you’re going to love and like it! I can’t wait to return to the GRAND final in Kyiv and give a BIG impression. If my country wins, I’m going to add “Hosting a Eurovision Event” in my “So much to try and do your best” list!”- By San Marino Lil Eurofriend

Song and Artist Announcement 18:00 CET
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Artist and Song Announcement by Oslo Eurofriend (Designed by Carolina Añazgo Leo):

“Hi! I’m Oslo, a professional musician who knows to play all musical instruments is what I do best in the Song Contest. I rarely speak to my friends, but my music does all the action and brings a helping hand in every moment!

Enjoy my National Final! It’s going to be friendmazing, along with a 12-point soundtrack ready for my Eurostar for the Esc in Kyiv!” By Oslo Eurofriend

Melodi Grand Prix 2017 20:55 CET
Official Link:*f7447
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Artist and Song Announcement by Reykjavik Lil Eurofriend (Designed by Carolina Añazgo Leo):

“I’m Reykjavik Lil Eurofriend and I’m a kind friend who loves to show kindness in everything I do and every friend Ii meet. Being sweet like honey makes me give a hug to each of the Eurovision Land inhabitants and I say kind words to let them know that I’m always bear for my friends and family… I mean, I’m always there for my friends and family! I’m always wear my bear outfit and sometime, I add the word bear to some things I say!

And, oh goody! Tonight, it’s also my national final! My country has sent nice tunes all the time, since I can “remem-bear”. On the latest 2 Escs, it’s wasn’t beary nice to see my country stay in semifinals. But, this year, I’m making my kindness shine and that my Eurostar will find a place in the Grand Final. It will be beary cool to see Iceland win Eurovision, and at the same time, being kind with others!”- By Reykjavik Lil Eurofriend

Söngvakeppnin 2017 Final 20:45 CET
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Artist and Song Announcement by Vilnius Eurofriend (Designed by Carolina Añazgo Leo):

“Hey there folks in Eurovision land! I’m Vilnius and my specialty is to help people to do their best through hard work to reach their goals (Even I always remind every friend, but specially Sarajevo Eurofriend that working hard equals to seeing his wishes come true and he agrees with that). I’m the most hard-working of all Eurofriends and I’m proud of everything I build. And I always have a blueprint for a every project and a good sense of building for my friends!

And guess what’s hard-working and Eurovisiony at the same time? My national Final of course. It takes almost an entire season for me, but for most of my friends, they choose their Eurostar in a short amount of time. I’m always looking for the right strategy and looking for what is successful for my country.”- By Vilnius Eurofriend

Eurovizijos 2017 Final 20:00 CET
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Artist and Song Announcement by Stockholm Eurettefriend (Designed by Carolina Añazgo Leo):

“Hello, my fans! I’m Stockholm and I love writing and singing music… and sharing them with the right people and friends to make the perfect jams you’ll ever heard in the song contest. And my country is always sending the most friendmazing songs and some of them reach the top of the charts.

And speaking of music, tonight is Melodifestivalen. I’m sure you can enjoy the most popular national final in the whole Song Contest. And I’m making my Eurostar can sing well, so they can go to the esc final happening in Kyiv in May. I’m always singing and trying to not to get out-of-tune myself!”- By Stockholm Eurettefriend

Melodifestivalen 2017 Finalen 20:00 CET
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Artist thoughts from Baku Eurofriend (Designed by Carolina Añazgo Leo):

“I’m Baku, and my country I represent won Eurovision once, Really! I’m the fastest Eurofriend in Eurovision Land (You can say that 12 times fast, really!) and I love doing things fast, really! And I love to enjoy going fast, but I’m always careful too, really!

Oh! Did you see my Eurostar Dihaj’s song coming? It was really fast, really! For starters, she was on the same National final than Ell and Nikki 6 years ago, really! And now, she’s represnting my country, really! I’m really sure you’re going to enjoy her song and I’m making sure Azerbaijan, the country I represent will always find a place in the Esc grand final, really!”- By Baku Eurofriend

Official Music Video:
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Artist thoughts (And Song Announcement) by Skopje Eurettefriend (Designed by Carolina Añazgo Leo):

“Hello, my little sunshines! I’m Skopje Eurettefriend and I’m always shining and making positive feelings ignite, just like the sun on my heartflag. I’m a warm and cozy (Even though I’m wearing summertime clothes) friend who loves helping people to feel relaxed. A good holiday is what I always say to them.

And there’s a sunshine called Jana. She’s surrounded by music since she was younger. And I’m confident that she’ll bring my country to the Esc final… My land had a pretty hard time in the semifinals during the last 5 contests, but that’s going to change. I’m always sharing a (sun)light to my Eurostars, and with Jana representing my country in Eurovision and looking for the 1st Macedonian victory along with some effort, everything will be clear skies and sunny days for my country!”- By Skopje Eurettefriend

Song Announcement 20:15 CET
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Artist thoughts by Dublin Eurofriend (Designed by Carolina Añazgo Leo):

“Top O’ the Contest! I’m Dublin Eurofriend and as you can see by my green hair, my heartflag and my 4-leaf clover t-shirt, I’m the luckiest Eurofriend in Eurovision Land. My job is to make sure every friend can discover their luck and what they’re good for! And what I’m good for besides being a lucky charm for my friends? I’m good playing the lyre and dancing to Irish music! (Kudos that My country made Riverdance Famous)

And now, I’m sharing my good luck to Brendan. And he’s lucky to represent Ireland because he was born the year when my country achieved it’s 7th victory. That’s a good omen of good luck and maybe I can see an 8th victory for me! And his life is surrounded by Eurovision memories and his parents loves my winning Eurofans Johnny Logan and Linda Martin. So, everything’s ready for a charming Song Contest in Kyiv in May!”- By Dublin Eurofriend

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